I got the itis!

September 21, 2006

tis true. The itis has set in. And Im not talking that feeling of satisfaction after some collard greens, cornbread, catfish, mac and cheese, yams type of feeling when you cant hardly stand up and that itis kicks in that just rocks u to sleep.
Im talking Senioritis. And in a major way.
I know its bad. Im not even a full month into the school year and I already feel myself slacking on the school work. But in all honesty,I really could care less. Im a lot more concerned about getting hired after graduation than actually graduating. That means Cover2Cover and staying on the radar of my contacts trumps reading ahead in MOB and Finance.

Just last night instead of doing my finance homework, I made a list of the top 5 magazines I'd love to land at after graduation:
5) Marie Claire
4) Jane
3) Elle
2) Giant
1) Essence (how'd you guess?:)

And in class instead of trying to concentrate on what my professor with the thickest Nigerian accent I have ever encountered was saying, I gave up and was reading "Black Girl in Paris" for a book club I'm in. Which got me even more off task as I daydreamed of a European excursion I've promised myself for next summer. Brunch on the Seine . . . watching the sunset at Big Ben . . . Shopping . . ..shopping . . .shopping . . ..

And it doesn't end there.I was more concerned with what I was wearing to class today trying to impress my stylish crush than actually making sure my work was done. What the hell is wrong with me? (yes, I did look cute:) Instead of studying, I'm blogging. And in place of getting it all together this weekend, Im heading to NY.

So senioritis has def set in. And I think it actually agrees with me. . .



  1. shara said...:

    MOB and finance??? dude, i was a marketing major and it was hard for me to concentrate on those subjects. i can only imagine what you're going through. ENJOY IT!!! :)