Wake Me Up . . .When September Ends

September 13, 2006

Jiggalo Jigg Jigg Alo Hey Charreah Yeah Are You Ready For What To Jig Jig What Jiggalo

WELLLL, my day sucked and I'm so broke so I just don't feel like no damn Jiggalo.

Sometimes even when all seems well you, what starts as a drop of rain turns into a storm. And when bad days do happen, why does it seem that the ones you love the most do what they can to make it a little worse? Ok.
I hate to sound like Ehore. See how bad the day is. Why cant I figure out how to spell Pooh's good friend?

Relax, Relate, Release (yes Im saying it in the Whitley Gilbert Voice. yes It makes me smile. a little)

So since I made the big production about Sumthin from Flavor of Love, Let's move on to Buckwild.

She really had me fooled. Talking all that mess than she scared to even live in a house with New York (who is in the Muther F*ckin House). But goes back to my theory. I should have seen it coming.

Her name was Becky.

Thanks for letting me take my mind off my troubles, though the throb in my leg reminds me how I got wiped out in soccer. How I got another parking ticket. Which reminds me to be thankful that I have a leg to hurt and a car to get a ticket on:) Though sometimes its hard.