My New York Sh*t . . .

September 28, 2006

After everyone I know seems to love Grey's Anatomy I watched it for the first time last week. I love Shonda Rhimes for her Black Star Power but I can't say I loved the show . . .
What I did love was the opening scene in the show that followed. The whole 'Six Degrees of Separation' was soo predictable and not well done but they got five stars for the opening scene being shot in Union Square, my summer home! I was so excited to see a place I recognized in the show and even more pumped for my return to the city the next day.

Getting there Friday evening was a BITCH. There was traffic from DC all the way to NY. The highlight of the ride by far was this 6'3 guy in high school we met in the McDonalds we stopped at. Informing us that he had a cousin who called himself Diyonce' and him Solange, I promptly told him I already had Beyonce on lock.

Once we finally made it, I was so proud of myself for driving in the city the first time.I made my way up the Westside Highway and hit 125th. Dinner that night with my cousins was such a homecoming to why I LOVE NEW YORK CITAYY!

We hit Native, this trendy little restaurant around the block from my cousin's apartment on 117th. I had big plans for the next day: shopping!!!!!!! Staying with my cousin who graduated from Howard a few years back was her cousin on her dad's side, B. Martell!

Just graduating from Morehouse and now getting his masters in magazine journalism from NYU, you know all we were talking was magazines! And fashion. He was the winner of 'The Farnsworth Bentley Award' at school and proud of it. I got Nakisha and my cousin Shani these cute Howard shirts which he taught me was a henly.Who knew?

Just before laying down on my air mattress in the living room I see a mouse run under the door and go in my cousins hall closet. SHE DOESNT DO MICE and freaks out!!!

As she tells the landlord the next morning and waits for the exterminator after we grab breakfast at Amy Ruth's, me and B hit NYC to do some shopping.

Nothing like a weekend in the city!!! That night we hit 40/40 which was WACK but not trying to spend a lot of money it was where we ended up.

Sunday morning got my plans pushed back and made me miss a meeting but so worth it b/c I got to my big magazine sis! me and Nakisha grabbed some starbucks and caught up and I dragged B along since they had so much in common.

being back in the city got me re-inspired to reach out to all my contacts and set myself up for a good gig out of school. And it also hit my pocket kind of hard but homecoming is on its way:)!!!

I had a ball in NY . . .heading to Richmond this weekend to visit family with my cousin Jen (Common's green-eyed girl:) . . . .and back to NY next weekend to celebrate my girl Zenitra's Birthday in a big way!

Traveling Queen


  1. Elle* said...:

    Glad u had a good time and ur working IT! Trying to get that job after grad! My friend went to Native when it first opened up. How did u like it? And most of all, where'd u shop!? My cuz is coming town today from MD and we are going SHOPPING!