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October 2, 2006

Alicia reading my check it column on pg 92;)

. . .yes that was a SHAMLESS plug.

I have promised myself that I will survive this hectic week and it has started out fab!

I found out they liked my radio show idea and I will be on the air!!!! And you have no excuse not to listen . . . the station is now on the internet, where you are chilling right now.

Every Sunday from 6:00pm - 8:00pm . . . KOOLAID!!!!! Still working on a fly tag line with flavor. Any suggestions?

"Kool Aid . . .where flavor lives"
" Kool Aid . . .the flavor authority"
"Kool Aid. . . the flavor is always fly"
"Kool Aid . . .we define flavor"

and I could go on for hours but gotta head to soccer class.

Kool Aid Kween


  1. Elle* said...:

    YAY! I can put a voice to the blog...What is the site?