October 10, 2006

So I have been on my magazine group grind. This weekend we hit the Capital Bookfest hard to help out Heart& Soul mag. I broke out my lil H&M wrap sweater and practically froze to death Starbucks in hand. I keep getting shocked how small the world of 'Progressive Blacks' is but tis true.
The highlight of my trek out to Largo, MD was seeing Michelle Singletary make me get back on my financial grind as she really put a lot in perspective.
Fact: I don't need any new clothes.
Fact: I'll be paying rent in 7 months.
She bought a house right out of college. Though I smirked when she said how her kids only have one pair of sneakers, a pair of play shoes and dress shoes, it was saddening how rare she is as she has a nice house, will send her kids to school with no loans. That's so much sexier than some loafers.
After Michelle (syndicated Washington Post finance columnist and new TVOne show host) answered my couple of questions and signed my book of hers I bought, "Thelma from Good Times" hit the stage to talk about her relationship book.
She looked great! though at first I swore she was the chick from Envouge. It was cool to a celebrity so accustomed to their typecast role that she even named her website "thelma from good times." Classic.
Sunday found me with my radio debut on Kool-Aid. Though I was a bit nervous to see how three other people would work on what I thought was "my idea" the show was hot and we flowed well! The show isn't online yet (thanks elle for caring to know:) but it's suppose to be up soon.
And thanks to Shani O and Lauren for your help (and the inspiration to even go out for a show!). We went with your tagline "Know the Flavor." I'll holla. Homecoming is upon us.


  1. Elle* said...:

    We had a similar event like this in Harlem this past summer. While I was off buying a Afeni Shakur book, I missed my photo op with Omar Tyree ( I was with my cousin and her book club...I'm the honorary attendee, hehe, as they are based in MD)....I'm intrigued by Michelle Singletary buying a house out of college! Whoa! I think I have that book on my Amazon.com Wishlist, the previous version "7 Money mantras for a richer life"?