wow, these people really gonna give me a degree!

October 23, 2006
You failed me! I was hoping somebody out there could give me the key to senioritis. And yes like a true punk, Im blaming everybody but myself.
I spent the weekend doing "work," which consisted of more sleep, a beauty rejuvenation and checking out my latest batch of magazines

: the new GQ (yes the one with my hubby Dwayne Wade: Please look for the future post "I know Im a hater, but did you have to marry your baby mama?") and the new ESSENCE with Sanaa, which has been the best magazine I have read in months! And Im not even saying that b/c of my wee little column on pg72. I mean it really captured the diverse range of black women and that AIDS package had me wanting to pass out test downstairs. Though, once again Beyonce leaves me scratching my head .. .these House of Dereon boots (I love the Coach ones next to it) on pg. 58 are so gawdy and cheap looking the closes they would ever get to B is on a back-p dancer in the 'Jumpin Jumpin' video (was I the only one who didnt know what Christian Dior was yet and thought they'd mixed up the letters for Destiny's Child?:). So yes. this is how I spent my weekend.
So today I was feeling the heat knowing I had so much work to do. But I already had signed up to meet with my advisor and so glad I did. She's heading on a cruise next week. I mean, I have been following my scheme, but I have downright nervous that Howard was gonna through me a curve ball "What!! you didnt know you were suppose to take Swahili II and three semesters of kickball?" . . .and if you cared to know Im the kickball queen!
But no, it was smooth. She already had my scheme with all the classes and grades I completed and what I had left. I am officially 15 credits away from a degree!!!
I was so excited to see that on paper. But it also reinforced something else - how close my whole world is about to change. Yall know I can be dramatic, but me and my best friend and our other close buddy have been together for 12 years - they followed me to Howard:). She's staying here after May 12th. Im headed to NY. And he is probably following the misses. I cant dwell on that or Ill get sad. So Happy Belated my BFF Celeste . . . Im 15 credits away to a whole new life!



  1. LuvKisselle said...:

    LMAO @ Christian Dior/Destiny's Child letter MIXUP! charreah, ur crazy. *tear* @ 15 credits away :-( i'm gonna miss ya.