Im Conceited . . . I got a reason (I promise:)

September 15, 2006
Anybody else out there completely LOVE Jill Scott and still jam to the second CD like it's B'day?

okay, greaat! But it has nothing to do with this post:) I just wanted to break the ice first but I gotta put it out there . . .I think I'm pretty fly.
I know I was Debbie Downer in the last post but a good night's sleep can cure a lot of things. It took some of the soreness out of my leg. Let the check from my 'job' slide into my account. And let me get my mind right and realize how blessed I am.

Justification of Conceit
Unlike Remi Ma (who I think has few reasons to be conceited), though I think I'm kinda cute, Im feeling myself on some stuff so much deeper then skin deep.

Exhibit A.First off there is my article in the new Upscale. It's a 500 word piece on birth control that I lucked up on freelancing this summer! Getting the assignment really made me realize I should be going harder on my freelance grind. Aliya, one of my new mentors, lives off of freelancing. After seeing her cover story on Tracee Ellis Ross in 'Vibe Vixen,' reading her stuff for years only to find out she is young and one of the coolest people ever Im conceited b/c Im about to get up on freelance game too! (cheap plug: She, Miss Aliya S. King, will be at our Cover2Cover panel on October 19) There's stories we can tell at 21 that a 35 year old will completely miss!

Exhibit B.
The new ESSENCE is finally here! And yes I am published inside. Rome wasn't built in a day and I am proud of my first time being published in ESSENCE and any magazine that big so dont laugh when you see it. Size doesn't matter:) I worked hard on the Check It column -pg 92. Me and the other interns also worked hard on writing the new power generation package. I did Dr. Nana-Hawa pg 208 and Tyra pg 210


IS ACTING UP!!!! Exhibit C. If you are my friend on Myspace you know Ludacris is one of the people I plan to meet. Though I still haven't come face to face I came damn near close last night when he performed at LOVE. Yes, he was very sexy and the new 'do has finally grown on me. Too bad the people next to me had no type of sense and insisted on pushing when there was no where to go.

Exhibit D. Though the newspaper sometimes (ok a lot of the time) stresses me out, I love writing the editorials. I am especially proud of my one in yesterday's paper about that Hampton Institue. It was even better because a girl from my church who is senior in high school and her mom who is a grad from the medical school came were here and I had a great time showing them around yesterday and she insisted on buying me lunch and my first ESSENCE with my byline!

Exhibt E. I may not be the smartest girl in the world, but I have had the good sense to surround myself with phenomenal people. So next year even if I dont get my dream job when I graduate - I have great folks like my buddy Nakisha who just started her first job, a FABULOUS gig at instyle.com (yes, do check for her stuff) and my cousin who just got a promotion at Deloitte and who's Harlem apartment was my second home this summer as she works hard to expand her floral design passion to her fulltime job, who will let me muich (sp.)! That's the best reason of all to be conceited when you have great people to call friends:)

So let me go do something with this head of mine and find a Cure for Senioritis QUICK b/c it has settled in. . . .Read: going shopping in Georgetown with my Project Runway buddy. I HEART MICHAEL!!!!!!!!

- Queen of Luda's Red Light District


  1. shani-o said...:

    Why can't I be included in the list of fabulous friends, damnit? Lol... anyway, you definitely have a lot to be thankful for... and PROUD of!

  1. Elle* said...:

    WORD?! U r in the new ESSENCE! Girl, I just got that issue, let me go look for you! YAY! CONGRATS!!