Chocolate Flakes

July 25, 2007

If I were a cereal that's what I would be called.
I mean in the last two months I have flaked more than I think I have in my whole life. Not only will I accept an invitation for something than back out, I have invited folks to go somewhere than cancelled which is so much worse (sorry Sierra).
Yet still, in my physical incapacity to work hard and play harder, I still try extra hard to make sure anybody who calls me I call back or who shoots me a Facebook message I reply. I have horrible reception in my apartment which leaves minimal use for my phone at home and at work I'm well, at work, and still scratch my head as to why friends call me in the middle of the day and then wonder why I didnt pick up:)? So this leaves little opportunity to gossip on the phone.
And I admit it, I'm paranoid. I dont ever want to ever come off as "Im changing" or come off as too busy. Though I am busy, never too busy for my friends. And since graduation some of my friends also interested in magazines have sort of fallen out of pulled away from me which makes me sad, but that's a whole nother topic and post.

So why all the rambling?

Well, Im saying all this just to say after working very hard to stay connected with folks and having paranoid moments where I actually get up early in the morning to scroll through facebook to make sure I didnt skip someone's message or wall post, which is insane as Monday I got home in the AM with the team, Be sure to check out the Mel B. story (Eddie Murphy know he WRONG for planning that pregnancy with her then fronting like it wasn't his . . .and he is def "How You Doing"), I am hypersensitive to someone acting like Im ignoring them or not making an effort to K.I.T as my 7th grade yearbook would say. I'm sorry for preaching to the choir because obviously they don't read the blog which I really appreciate you doing.

Anywho, yeah the Vixen news SUCKS. For a second when I didn't see any reports I thought I might have gotten bad info and had a glimmer of hope. This is one of the rare times I hate my info was indeed right as mediaweek confirmed. At least Vixen isn't completely going away and with the site staying me and Kish were saying if you're interested in mags or media the web is def growing . . .and where they're hiring in our cases. And Jameil and La? I did end up wearing White to that White Party . . .and you know Shani O totally did not! We had margaritas the next day and you know which one I just had to try .. . . the Watermelon:)



  1. jameil1922 said...:

    hurray for the white!! i had to give up trying to keep in touch with all of my friends like we did in college. i know it sucks and you don't want that but my schedule just doesn't allow. I KNOW I KNOW!! I'M HORRIBLE! i still love them and vice versa but that's how my cookie's crumbling at this moment.

  1. shani-o said...:


    And yeah... staying in touch sometimes isn't meant to be. Just hold onto the people who are trying to hold onto you.

  1. *Tola* said...:

    hahahh you are a mess and i can def sympathize with you when it comes to feeling like you arent getting back to your friends in a timely fashion... i feel the SAME WAY! I tell everyone... EMAIL MEEE cuz i know i will def get back to you but if you call.. who knows... sad but true... :o(


  1. Anonymous said...:

    The Vibe Vixen news was sad, but I am happy we have an online magazine - Clutch - they are dope. The site is www.clutchmagonline.com

  1. Shara D. said...:

    here's a quote i've seen posted somewhere, and i think it applies to your friend situation: "those who care, don't matter. those who matter, don't care."

    mofos have to understand and respect your hustle!! :-D