I guess I'm a roach

July 13, 2007
Put away the raid but it definitely seems to be true. Everytime I say I went to Howard (which rolls of my tongue a lot easier now. I use to choke when I first said that as for the last four years its been I "go there" not "went"), people respond, "Yeah, y'all like roaches. Y'all everywhere."
HBCUs are definitely deep in the city (with Morehouse leading the pack it seems . . .or the most boisterous where they went to school . . .uhm:) Yesterday on the 3 towards the end of the line and my stop at 148th I see a girl who graduated last year and also works in magazines get on.
We talk: She lives on 147th - with another of my good friends in magazines. I live on 149th. It's good to see her though she is so not with my "new york is the best place for a single black woman to date" theory. It does have its holes. And reading Gotham Diaries on Z's suggestion doesnt help my mind that already thinks 90% of guys are suspect.
As Kenya put it "Everyone is black and gay till proven otherwise"
So as me and my fellow alum get off the train together as we both live seconds from the stop, someone taps me on the shoulder. It's freaking Jozen and I def feel that whole roach thing in full affect. It wouldnt have been so shocking to see him if it werent for the fact we were IMing earlier and I had JUST responded to his facebook note that advertised his column on "Essence Hates Regular Guys" for KING Mag's website where he is the online editor.
Me and Jozen go way back (damn Im sounding old:) when I was a the freshman on our campus newspaper staff and he was a senior and the entertainment editor. He was great and interviewed diddy that year when he came for homecoming. he also had this column Jozen's Jargon and from that KING column he still is speaking a lot of bull:)

If you are not fortunate to know and havent had me IM or facebook you to annoyingly tell you the 2007 DoRight Men are here well . . . .ESSENCE'S 2007 DoRight Men are here!!!!!!!! They are up on the site and getting amazing hits. Starting soon you can vote for your favorite one for a chance to meet the most popular guy in paradise! There's even a quiz yours truly had a hand in creating that matches you to you perfect Do Right match.
So after all we did to give overworked black women a little hope of what's out there, Jozen writes his column from King, the black man's T&A Bible and why guys look at us crazy if we cover up or don't give it up the first night, right:)?
He makes points we might have entertained had he not been in such a hypocritical place. Like I keep saying . . . at least we have standards for our eye candy! Even if they are aspirational. As my president Obama says, You have to have the audacity to hope!!!! And don't think Im being hard on Jozen, he lives to get people rilled up and wanted me to email it to the staff and let him in on their response. I felt weird for helping him get a jpg of the cover, which I did obviously before I knew what the column was about.
Let me know who your favorite Do Right guy is. Mine was the Prince though their rumors he's with Sanaa, which Im cool with since they could be cute together. But seriously I like William Branch and entertained the fantasy of Kiel just because he's in the city and factchecking his charity involvement was really inspiring. Would I seriously ever try and talk to or try and contact any of these guys? NO (and not just because that would be kinda unethical since I work where I work). But do we all like a little fantasy? Yep, Jozen, my neighbor who lives across the street (how weird is that), we all like a little fantasy . . .


*Im heading to the white party of another Howard guy tomorrow. His girlfirend said its cool, but am I doing too much to wear silver (my dress from H&M)? I just dont have sexy white . . .


  1. jameil1922 said...:

    HOW do you not have sexy white?!!? fix this yesterday. seriously. white is the summer color. silver is great, but its not white! come on cj!! lmao@ "Everyone is black and gay till proven otherwise" mad at that. luckily i haven't seen many roaches up here!! ;) but there aren't too many black people here either... :(

  1. La said...:

    Lmao! We are EVERYWHERE. Even down here in Houston, everytime I say I went to Howard (*tear at went*) someone always turns around and says, "Me too." It's nice though. I feel tethered to a large network of good people doing great things, even when I'm in a city I don't know. But I dunno how I feel about getting called a roach, lol.

    And ma'am ima need you to get white. I personally, being curvy, have never thought I could wear white w/o looking like a cow. Couple weeks ago I broke down and bought some white editor pants from express, wide leg. Fabulous! FAB.U.LOUS! Girl my ass is so devastating in them pants I barely know what to do with myself, lol. Get. White. NOW!

  1. yummy411 said...:

    hi! just wanted to say congrats and that i'm proud of you. i remember coming to your blog once a while back and you were talking about your dreams of going to NY and living it up... ahhh well those days are here! congrats again...

    do you know c. gordy that does 'the 10 things we're talking about..' column of essence? tell her i said "Heyy girl!" lol