July 20, 2007

I can relate to how Esther Rolle felt when James died because today i learned a close family member passed. She was like a sister . . . Rest in Peace VibeVixen magazine. I had heard whispers the magazine was not doing as well as hoped throughout the year but I wasn't trying to hear that. Read my post from last year" , I had hoped to maybe work there. At that time I also was hoping to maybe work at Jane. God works things out the way they should be, but my heart is hurting as two of the magazines I actually buy and read have folded in the last month.

I got an email yesterday that Vixen was closing but the source was some obscure blog so I shrugged it off. Then today I get the news at work and am bummed. As a young black girl in magazines, when a magazine for young black girls folds it's personal. It's my livliehood we're talking about. It's the livelihood of folks I know and love we're talking about. Out at dinner last month with Tai, the deputy editor and Erika, the art director who were cool enough to take time out of there schedules to hang with us. Not only that, though as much as it sucks they are a very talented staff and I am sure will all bounce back, its the fact that a magazine for young black fly women can't seem to survive. There's Jewel that my co-worker was formerly the editor in chief, but doesn't thave the finanical backing to be all it can be. but other than that we don't have anything strictly for us. It's like advertisers are saying "You don't exist" Yall know how I felt about "my beloved Honey" . Then Suede came and left before I was fly enough to truly appreciate it. Now Vixen. i guess the online magazines will have to suffice for now . . .I do like Clutch and Candy Apple rocks . . . .and shameless plug, Essence gets cooler everyday (if you get a sec check "my interview with the Christie's" )
heading to DC tomorrow to hang with my fam coming to town for a funeral for my grandmother's sister who passed. I'll mourn for my Aunt Ruth and my sister Vixen . . .


  1. Elle* said...:

    And here I was all ready to renew my subscription! I am really hurt right now. I soo want to rant right now, but I won't. Looks like I can't throw my issues away!!

  1. jameil1922 said...:

    my line sister was just telling me how great vixen is. the title threw me off so i'd never even opened it. i like the line "Jackie’s nobody’s hen and Doug certainly isn’t pecked"... but every interview i read they come off as exactly that. she just seems so extra. something's gotta be done abt these mag collapses for us. its not right.

  1. *Tola* said...:

    Its soooo harddddd too sayyy goodbyeeeeeeeeeeee... UGHHH...

  1. Mademoiselle M said...:

    you're joking right?
    Please don't tell me this is true. I was a Suede fanatic -and apparently the last person to learn why my subscription stopped coming in the mail. Now Vixen? What's a girl to do, ugh!? Thank God for Essence. It's a miracle it's still around. I've only recently started getting into it and I love it. It's just not enough to just have one mag for beautiful black women though *tear*

  1. Darby said...:

    I soooo came on here to see if you had heard the horrible utterly atrocious news about TWO f our FAVS!!! Also, I figured, well if Charreah hasnt blogged about it, then I can stay in denial a little while longer. But alas, no more.

    Remember the convo I had with my friend at VIBE about Vixen? She knew it wasnt going to make it in March... damn shame too! Everytime I get invested in a magazine, it crumbles. Maybe it's me. :(

  1. Arlice Nichole said...:

    Ok, I know this post is like a few years old, but I had to comment and say man don't I know how you feel! I still mourn Honey like I lost a sister way before her time, my.mouth.dropped over Vibe Vixen (glad it's making a comeback thought)I mean, how could a mag that was done so well...not do well? As for Suede-pure art, I just threw my hands (and the last issue) in the air. Sigh. I just needed to say that.