About Last Night

July 21, 2009

Had dinner with my beloved Mikey last night.

He met me at work. I was so excited to see him we started holding hands and crossed the street. I saw my coworkers KB and Tracey, and we stopped and said hello. I told KB this was the infamous Michael I told her about, my gay best friend. She smiled and started laughing. Then belted "Ohh, I was thinking, that ain't her man." We all laughed and she said how she was ready to go with whatever I said, as far a story on who he was. We went on and reverted back to our summer 2006 ways, laughing and telling stories over thai at Cafetasia. I could see my own growth through his eyes. I was proud to see his, after moving to Los Angeles quickly and never looking back. Only thing constant really is change:)