Meet with Mitzi . .

July 14, 2009

So it never was celebrities I wanted to be when I grew up. It was people in the media. And all through high school I was enthralled with the life of one magazine editor: Mitzi Miller. She did the Roadtrippin' column in Honey and the ultimate friend in my head.

 Fast foward a few years and I have politely stalked my way into her life and consider a dear mentor and she's having a book signing in NYC, for her teen series HOTLANTA, co-written with Denene Millner. Check it out . . .

read her message below . . .
Big HOTLANTA day tomorrow afternoon party people!!  

From 4-6pm, yours truly will be shaking hands, taking pictures and signing copies of HOTLANTA at theNAACP's Centennial Convention's s Author's Pavilion: 100 Years, 100 Authors.

I'll be in the company of 9 other illustrious children and teen authors including: Deborah Gregory (Cheetah  Girls), L. Divine (Drama High) and even former NY Giant Tiki Barber (don't ask me what he books wrote, all I know is the man is FINE).

Seriously?  I'm SOSOSOSO excited! I done went and got me a new dress and everything.  

Oh and the best part?  The event is free and open to public!!!  WOO HOO we love the Free, Free, Free!

So if you're gonna be in the midtown NYC area- or know someone who will- here's the addy.  Puh-lease come out, show some love and watch mama get her award-winning author ON. 

New York Hilton
1335 Avenue of the Americas
Btwn W. 53rd and W. 54th
July 14th


  1. Execumama said...:

    She's a talented woman indeed. Denene invited me to the Atlanta launch party, and I met Mitzi during the barrage of hand shakes and congrats there. I read two books from the series and I can safely and truthfully say Denene and Mitzi ROCK! Hard!

  1. Arlice Nichole said...:

    Mitzi rocks! I was a dedicated reader of Honey mag back in the day and still have some of my issues. I'll be keeping them forever too. Remember when Mitzi hit the city to experience life pregnant? That's was one of my favorites.