November 14, 2008

I have absolutely no idea what it feels like to have a dream and have never seen anyone accomplish it. Not that I don't dream big, trust me, half the stuff I think of I know folks aren't ready to hear because the first half usually has them looking at me with a twinkle in their eye and a smirk with a heartfelt "good luck." And I just say thanks with Lorraine Hansberry, Michelle Obama, and Amy Barnett on my mental vision board.

But the greatest thing, is the more I grow and expand, the more God places women in my path who have been there and done that. Women I have idolized from a far are now a message away - and respond when I hit them:)

After working at a magazine I realize the countless hours and many faces and names it tak
es to create an issue. In high school when my life's mission was to be EIC at Honey, I didn't know that. I just zeroed in on one fly girl and her life became my goal: Mitzi Miller.

Her Road Trippin column made me smile every time and she was a friend in my head before I even knew what that phrase meant.

So as I began to work in the field and meet people who worked with her I was amped to be that much closer to her. And looking back it's easy to see the straight line from my dreams to reality. Professor Lamb at Howard,
 who I owe my my whole young career to put me on to Joyce Davis at Upscale when I wanted to intern after freshman year but didnt want to be far from Atlanta.  Joyce had hired Mitzi as her intern when at Honey, as she had done me at Upscale. (btw, doesnt Keyshia Cole look FAB on the new double covers?)

Fast forward two years, it was time for me to come to NY and intern at Essence and I remembered Joyce's Honey stories and close relationship with Mitzi, who had gone to Jane after Honey closed. Joyce was already a great role model as we had so much in common - reppin Decatur, Ga, hitting Howard U. and magazines. I hope to continue to shadow some of her footsteps - including moving back to Atlanta with a career that continues to flourish and books!

So of course, I checked with Joyce if I could name drop her to Mitzi. She gave the green light and the subject was actually like, "Joyce Davis Sent Me" or something equally as crazy and name-dropping. And it worked! She said any friend of Joyce's was a friend of hers and we set a lunch date!! She came by and we chatted like old buddies and I had to remember to not let my jaw hang as someone I had idolized became real. Before we left the office for lunch, she said hello to different people she knew and I felt cool being with her. She went by Angela's office as "The Vow" had recently come out, which she Angela and another of my amazing mentor-friends Denene wrote together. And I remember feeling like I had been let into this intimate circle as they caught up in Angela's office and I sat by. 

And she's been the homie ever since, even hooking me up on freelance work and challenging me to be the best I can.

Now that Mitzi is full-time working for herself and writing and books, articles and everything else fabulous down to the cute dog, again she remains my role model  - and a road dog. For her birthday I am trying to get her blog linked to 25 blogs. It'd be much appreciated by me if you linked this amazing lady, with the funny blog (her daily polls, albeit intrusive, are hilarious:). Message me if you can and do. and if you've already done so, thanks.

Muchos Gracias!
(Still on my Puerto Rico high that I do plan to post about . . .)

*The pic is from the 2007 Magazine conference at Howard where I invited Joyce and Mitzi. See how that all aligned perfectly? Prof Lamb couldnt be there or she would have def been in this pic.


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    Hey there! You are absolutely right: Yannick Rick-Lamb, Mitzi Miller, and Joyce Davis are INCREDIBLE women, writers, and sisterfriends... I STILL learn something new from them each and every day, and thank God that these amazing women are able to make it do what it do, representing us to the fullest.

    Mitzi's blog is one of the best out there--full of life, funny as hell, and always, always relevant to what's on the minds of the young, the hot, the hip, and the fresh.

    And I'm loving this blog, too! Keep up the great work, and enjoy the writing journey.


  1. kamille said...:

    Yes, yes, Charreah, those are definitely fantastic women! It always helps to have a blueprint to follow, you know? Thanks for posting, paying homage. :)