the whole pie

November 27, 2008
She's right. I do drop names. . . Probably more than I should.our society is oversaturated with celeb, and I look at entertainment sites everyday. Sorry for being a part of the problem:) But if there's anything President Obama's campaign taught us is the power within each of us to be one very cool person worthy of note. I'm not that cool and don't think Ill ever be where meeting folks I've admired is no biggie. For me those folks are usually writers or editors of some sort. I don't deny I'm a cool nerd. My roomie was laughing hard when I told her in high school me and my bff got called "no slope" by our guy friends for our less than round booties.

I had an amazing chat today on my first paying speaking gig (yipee!), something I had on my list of possible ways to get more streams of income in these tough times and I was blessed to happen. I haven't met this lady in person yet and she mentioned seeing the blog and I felt like saying, wait, there's more to me. Lol. So I guess in Jesse Jackson style I'm saying enough of the fluff ...