November 25, 2008
Sorry for the funk. I had a moment, And like most moments it involved a boy. Well, a man. A really tall one. And like most of my stories, it's got a little unexpected drama and I'll just have to tuck this story away for a rainy day.
But yesterday was a grand day. Well, so was Saturday. I meet up with my godsister/cousin (we go back and forth on what to call ourselves, my mom's best friend's daughter and my play sister is a mouth full)who came to town for her bday from DC, after we had such a good time down there a few weeks back. Her Knicks connect didnt come through with tickets this time, but that didnt stop us from having a blast. Today I went to my church and Channy came along too. It was a great sermon as our young adult pastor said, "Hey, I love T.I. - now Live Your Life" Using the scripture of a woman on her last piece of bread and the power of faith to live your best life was a message we both could use. Afterwards we headed to the Den on 135th which has a good brunch, a bad DJ who plays the best smooth jams, and never-ending mimosas. Over waffles and shrimp she broke down maybe that guy was just an appetizer to my great entree, to get me ready. I replied what if the entree was big enough and I wanted that for my meal. Of course she broke that down oh so eloquently and I opened my heart and cleared the table for the main course to come . . .
That evening she, me and the roomie headed to opening night of a White Christmas on Broadway. I got asked how many tickets I needed from a friend of a friend who was coordinating seat fillers. Once we got there, we got the news seats werent guranteed. And guess it worked we did'nt know that ahead of time, because we probably wouldnt have gone and the place needed a little diversity. We made it in just before the show starts and they got the two together and found my way to a seat in the middle of the row in the middle of theater. They got a kick of an older lady laced in fur having to move out of their seats so close - and closer than Joan Rivers's.  And I remembered how much I love musicals and live music. Im on the hunt for my old tap shoes over the holiday;) The set was amazing and just a fun way to start the holiday season. Today I felt I could see the end of the tunnel of all the work to be done before the holiday. Me and one of my coworkers headed to a screening of Cadillac Records. After being turned around we made it in just as Muddy Waters makes his way to the screen.
And I liked it, a lot. Columbus Short was absolutely amazing. I love period pieces, and was daydreaming of being  an extra in a Mos Def a la Chuck Berry scene just to wear the clothes - which Im sure I have something appropriate in my closet. Beyonce stepped her acting game up majorly. The music took it there. I actually had the cool experience of visiting the set when they were tapping in Jersey. The scene where Etta records "I rather go blind." Ill have to give the blow by blow sometime. It was the first time I've ever been star struck. Beyonce coming and plopping down very close to me and discussing the film. Maybe because I rolled out of bed that morning with no idea that would happen I just was a little like, woah, you are Beyonce . . . .

Live Your Life. That's all we can all do.



  1. Anonymous said...:

    Like the blog. Sometimes I think there's too much name dropping. In the world of Google and cache, be careful. ;)