Spirit of Thankfulness

November 28, 2008
It’s still sinking in Thanksgiving has come and gone and December is almost here. Thanksgiving was good. .Saw my loved ones. Shopped a teeny bit. My family is dealing with a tougher time as my grandmother is on the mend from a fall. . .then when she checked into the nursing home for a short while for her to get physical therapy she misjudges her ability to get around and falls out the bed onto her ankle. Breaks my heart. Put hearing her tickled at the fact she has a pink cast on her foot makes me smile. Knowing the stubborn streak I have is hereditary makes me smirk. Neither of us have a thing on her mom Katie who I’m named for and who was as strong as they come shooting squirrels out the South Carolina trees. Between old stories and big laughs slices circulate of my first sweet potato pie, and bean pie, by my cousin who is like a sister to my mom. Bean pie being one of the dishes she has mastered since converting to Islam. I got spanked in gin, then spades, then Phase 10 that night. Then gin again the next day by all my cousins. My brother bought his new girlfriend who my mom refers to as his friend and her 4yr old daughter who is hilarious and into everything and names her new doll after me. He brought his ex last year, a huge move for him. . . He shuffles. I cut. My aunt isn’t taking her anti-depression meds which makes her a loaded pistol around the house to snap at you. We all pray about it and the joys and pains of the last year – and continue to enjoy our sweet time together. 
Business at usual for our clan.

And I pray for a spirit of humility to be able to truly grasp what I do have.
Peace of Mind, Family, Friends, Love, Financial Freedom, Right to Vote and feeling it Count, A Career.

My glass is more than half full.