Feel the Love

July 8, 2009

Before I stepped off the plane, I could feel the spirit of the ESSENCE Music Festival. Girls raising the question of why as they strutted through the airport in bright colored-sky high stilettos. Celebrities shuffling to the private lounge. I see you D-Nice, Salt, and Queen Latifah. Aboard Soul Plane I go. Round-the-way girls debating who sits with Queen Latifah in First Class as she casually flips through People in her ball cap and sneaks. Flight attendent apologies for lateness of flight. Brother requests a drink and wings to make up for it.
Three hours in the middle seat. Finally I am there. The suffocating heat hits me. Im in love.

The weekend was amazing just seeing the overwhelming numbers of people out for empowerment and quality entertainment. I was energized and humbled. Beyonce and Maxwell. Yes, yes, they KILLED, even with Maxwell's lateness.

In the superlounge waiting for Ledisi, I turn around and my first best friend in life in standing there with her sister. So great to see her and just another reason to love the festival.

I ate seafood everyday from oyster platters, bbq oystsers, to shrimp po boys and platters. Rode around the city with a friend from college and got a big kick out of getting Daquiris at a drive through spot that just sells drinks. 

I sweated. Man it's hot. Conquered French Quarter and plotted places for my next trip, hopefully with the boy, since its so romantic there. 

I was taken aback and excited to see Black people in every job. My hotel housekeeper?somebody's nana. My taxi drivers? Black men and  women plus a gold tooth or two

Dollars well spent in the bayou. Eyes wide open and time to step it up


  1. Southern_Lady said...:

    Essence was wonderful! I was there (missed Ledisi, but took a pic with her backstage), too. Ryan Leslie and Raphael Saadiq were awesome. Glad you had fun! New Orleans is my second home, so I'm always prepared for the heat. I saw that a lot of folks weren't. Good times.

  1. shara said...:

    New Orleans is great! It's my newest favorite city!

  1. Nicole said...:

    Loved the recap. Maxwell and po boys shrimp sandwiches...I'm already there with you :) There are lots of cool ladies out there blogging about their experiences with friends at the festival. All of them have fallen for New Orleans. Glad you did, too.

  1. Arlice Nichole said...:

    New Orleans has been on my mind. I plan to visit and savor every taste of the city in the near future.