The Queen Lives!!!!!!!

June 5, 2006
Okay. Maybe Im just naive. Or have friends who have maybe believe my own hype just a little,but I hope that my not blogging in like two weeks has been noticed:) A lot has happened since I last blogged. I have started more post than I care to admit but none seem to have made there way to being posted. I mean since I last blogged. I have partied hard in Las Vegas (so hard in fact my cousin and her friend I went with stayed an extra day), given my grandma a pedicure - and I don't mean just polishing her toes - but using a knife to file down her toe nails and getting maybe ten years of dead skin off her feet and loving every minute of it as she smiled and looked on, somehow managed to fly to New York with 4 overweight bag, one holding my computer, and went to the office where I will be working for the summer. Therein lies the problem. The magazine program kicked off with three days of speakers me and my roommates all agreed we would pay to see. And the issue of blogging came up. The message was clear: don't blog about your job!!! That same day coming back to the dorm from a day of inspiration and hearing the EIC of Jane Mag speak (She was amazing and Jane is def my new FAVORITE mag:) I grab a free New York Times Classified Newspaper and one of the five articles in the thing talked about blogging and how it is a big 'no-no' for the job. I mean I knew this already. And with the whole 'Jole in NYC' catastrophe last year, I wondered why someone would think they wouldn't get caught giving up all the goods on the company. A magazine staff is a family, so to betray that trust is serious - its only a matter of time bitter vibes. So to prevent me ever being in a compromising situation I wont be giving all the details of my summer at work, but dont be disappointed, I will be sharing everything else. I have realized I should treat this blog like a website not a journal online. Mr. Incredible said something that stuck: don't say anything on a blog you wouldn't say in person. I haven't been living by that I start today. So I wont be telling all my personal rants because this is not the place for that. And Im trying to get a job somewhere when I graduate and I don't want 'Queen' coming back to haunt me. But I can't resist . . .baby voices kill me!


* The pic was taking at the Met in the Egyptian exhibit. It was definitely my favorite part of the museum and a great way to spend a rainy Saturday in the City


  1. shani-o said...:

    Very mature. I'm in the same frame of mind - in fact, I'm probably gonna go back through the archives and take out any incriminating evidence.

    I pose a question to you, though:

    If you're not ranting, then what the hell are you going to talk about??

    Also, what other topics do you consider taboo for the blog?


    How do we avoid becoming yet another fashion/beauty blog?

  1. Miss Yasmine said...:

    I definitely feel you on making a blog a website and not a diary. I've tried to take the focus of mine off my intimate issues and placed it on social issues and sometimes current events that parallel with happenings in my own life. (i.e. fighting in the club)
    All in all, blogs are supposed to be entertaining and thought provoking, not something that would get you fired or make your boyfriend mad at you.