That Girl Has My Face

June 16, 2006
Ok. maybe it's not that extreme as the line from 'Sister Sister' when Tia and Tamera first meet. But sometimes it is very odd yet comforting to see someone who looks or acts like you and makes you feel you may not be so unique after all, and maybe understand what it feels like to be you. Now I'm not talking about those people who somebody you look 'just like' only to find out they are a Cyclops and leave you wondering, "is that really what you think I look like?"
But first when I was watching 'Guess Who' with my roommate, I thought Zoe Saldana's sister reminded me of myself. Even though she doesn't look like me I though I would have said and I know if I was watching the movie with my mom she would definitely keep saying how that girl acted like me. It was refreshing to see that my quirkness may be shared by many others on this Earth.
Yesterday as I was checking out the pictures from the best party I have ever been to it happened again. Last Thursday my homie Zenitra invited me to her every Thursday spot and I quickly saw why she went. Everybody was so chill, all the dudes dressed real nice and Im not talking a Sean John button up, jeans, and baseball cap. Im talking straight from work,I-have-a-got-my-life-together-how-bout-you attire and I was enjoying being in that crowd. As soon as we left the bar for our first drink two photographers within minutes of each other came and asked if they could take a pic. The night was so much fun, I met some really chill guys including one who went to Morehouse and I think was feeling me as we did the Motorcycle dance to Yung Joc, and we had so much fun workin the crowd as I helped Z promote for this artists that she is volunteering to help out with.
So anyway as I go to look at the websites to see if they posted our picture. I find it. And then as Im scrolling through, I see another pic I stare at for like a whole minute trying to figure out is it me. Maybe I was just vain b/c she was pretty and fly, but in my head I really thought she was me. Looking back I laugh. But I guess I am growing up because there was a time when I didn't like the thought of someone looking like me . . .I mean I know I have always been one who has enjoyed attention.I knew very quickly I wouldn't last in my renown high school marching band -I wasn't giving up my social life to be 1 in 600. But now I love it to see someone remind me of myself whether it be physical or personality wise. I always love to see gorgeous, dark skinned girls and since no one in my family really looks like me, maybe one day I'll bump into one who I really can say "that girl has my face" . . .

Queen-to-be (or is this her twin:)


  1. Miss Yasmine said...:

    I see your being incredibly Kimora-riffic...taking publicity opps as they come! Get it girl~