Blogging is for B*tches

June 26, 2006

That's how ya'll make me feel. When you come through. Read all my dirt. Laugh at all my typos. And don't even leave a lil' comment. If the soccer mom in your neighborhood's mini-van was covered in dust from taking the girl scouts camping, you would write on the back window next to the soccer sticker "Sexy was here." So why not do the same for me (though you don't really have to call yourself sexy.) I see you looking. Alanna. Shara. You say you like the blog but you show me zero love (facebook doesn't count:) The only people who do are Mr. Incredible, Yasmine, and Shani. That's because they know what it feels like to pour your heart out and someone say, "Did you say something?". So if you love me, say it. If you hate me, you can tell by the ego somebody must have to think that someone reads their typo-filled rambles and just doesn't leave comments, that I wouldn't mind hearing that too.

Queen -to- be be be be (the extra be's are the echo from the emptiness of no feedback) lmao.


  1. Dmure Vixen said...:

    Hi.. come by often .. I've been trying to find you page. My computer caught a virus and when I sent it to the shop it erased everything.. Long story but I found address.

  1. Elle* said...:


    As a fellow blogger,I feel ya, I just discovered ur blog. Love it. Will come visit often and show love. Smooches..


  1. Anonymous said...:

    LOLOLOLOLOL!!!! i'm mad you called me out like that. it's cool though. :) it's been a minute since i checked in but here i be!!!!

    i'm just waiting for you to launch your own magazine. and you don't even have to give me a space for the 'soapbox.' i'll be happy with free issues for life. HAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!


  1. alanna said...:

    aww Charreah...i haven't been on in awhile...lmao, at the shout-out! u are sooo entertaining ;-) i'm still laughing at ur mom's chicken story...i'll make sure to post comments more often ;-)