Feels Good . . . Yeah

July 2, 2006
Sitting downstairs in the basement on the computer at my aunt's house, I realize this is one of the best moments I have had in a while. I'm not in that 'Damn I'm Fly' mood after a few soco lime shots with Julienne and Zenitra and Deja Vu comes on and my inner Sasha comes out to play. I don't have a few extra dollars to figure out how to spend - I'm actually closer to being in the whole since I just got back from the casino with my aunts and cousin. I just feel peace.
A peace that ever thing is really alright with my world. I'm healthy. I'm almost always happy. I'm loved. And most importantly, none of these things can be taken away because my happiness isn't built on material things and goals. I know I'm being all mushy but I had a really good weekend in Chicago.
After the flight from HELL, which will ruin my good mood if I talk about it now, I made it to Chicago. The family reunion picnic was a lot of fun, the midnight cruise last night was an experience, especially the ultimate people watching as a pseudo-Diddy White Party was hosted on our ship. Church today with the fam was good. I got to wear this dress I LOVE! The choir was good and my aunt even sung a solo with her alto/tenor voice. I did a good job of understanding the pastor at their A.M.E church who has a really thick west African accent - and even thicker eye brows:)
The best part for me was after church. The ladies of the family (my Aunt's in-laws:) sat around the table as me my aunt and cousin played the hostess with the mostess. My job was to make daiquiris, which I perfected and the cut slices of watermelon were a perfect touch for a glass garnish. With all the crab left from Friday night's crab fest, we chowed down, quiet for the first 15 minutes b/c the food was so good and then begin swapping story. Though my voice was sooooooo hoarse, and now officially gone which is a major part of why I am even typing this post since I can't talk, I still fought to hint at my mom's story of her pet chicken Lily when she was little. This story is always a low-blow for me to bring up put so worth the expressions on her face when she talks about how she thought she was being a good mom by feeding her chicken more, but only fattened her up to make her inevitable frying that much sooner. But let me go ahead and head back upstairs for more family fun. I'm not extra patriotic. And this whole 4th of July celebrating is an oxymoron for a black person. But I am very happy for this peace, this time for family, this rejuvenation I didn't even realized I needed.


* I'll give a dollar to anyone who knows what song the title of this post is from


  1. DMure Vixen said...:

    Feels Good.. Tony! Toni! Tone!

  1. dmure Vixen said...:

    Glad to hear you are enjoying yourself. Sounds like lots of fun. Thanks for introducing me to a new drink.

  1. queen-to-be said...:

    thanks dmure. I owe you a dollar:). enjoy those shots too . . .but its not my fault when you are in the middle of the floor dancing like michael jackson

  1. Monet! said...:

    i love ur blog!!! read my blog!!!!

    it should be read by all HU students past and present!!!