Tony Rocked My Face Off and my Coney Island cherry is popped!

July 9, 2006
Friday at work one of the interns said we should go see Chris Rock's brother, Tony Rock do stand up. I said ok and was excited because I had heard him on the radio that morning and always love a good laugh. It wasn't until I saw the flier that I realized who he actually was. The guy from 'All of Us' and he is kinda cute;). So we get to the show got good seats right by the stage and lived through a semi-decent comic who might have been a bit racist even as he imitated his Hispanic mother talking to his British father. The lady after him was the poster child of why people with inverted butts and over 50 should not where thongs!!!! After I forced myself to look away from the black hole that was her butt I realized she too was a racist as she imitated her daughter who is a lover of hip hop. Maybe I have just been at Howard too long . . .
Finally it was time for Tony to come on. From the second he stepped on the stage he noticed me I would like to think. He look to the black people who were about 30% in the room re-affirm many of his jokes about race and his security guard quickly handled a aussie audience member who made remarks and tried to end the argument with "it's all good"' in her crocodile Dundee-speak. It was a great night, I got to do one of my favorite pastimes - laugh and I felt cute even he was cockeyed and really checking out the girl at the next table with all her goodies out the jar.
Me and the girls headed over to Dukes BBQ's afterwards and you know all the black people in Manhattan had found their way to this spot in the middle of homosexual-haven, Chelsea. Maybe it was because I hadn't eaten all day but one pina colada (and not even the Texas size!) had me feeling nice! After partying soo hard during the week and going out on Thursday I was happy to get in the bed before 1:00am on Friday.

Saturday I got up and headed to Coney Island with my cousin, her good daughter, and her best friend who is the god daughters mom. Had a ball though I feel like I am the only person who didn't realize it was indeed an actual beach. The best part by far was laying on the beach and then looking up and seeing all these black people in all white singing.They continued singing while holding hands and walked down the beach. I then realized they were going to baptize some people. Once they finally made their way to the shore curiosity killed this cat and had to witness these people give their lives to God in the middle of a crowded beach with people all in the water. I grabbed my camera and was just enjoying a beautiful emotion of joy at the beauty of faith and the power of God. The preacher and his assistant went out into the water first and one by one these people - most under 18 - went out and were baptized. The crowd of onlookers like myself clapped each time, realizing the importance of these people's dip.
I know its weird in the same post to go from talking about how a pina colada had me tipsy and the beauty of baptisms, but just how God sees everything we do - even the stuff no one knows about but us. I was just thankful to see these people give their lives God as I re-evaluated my own relationship with God - and thankful for a God who can appreciate the fact that I appreciated my God laughs from Tony Rock.



  1. shani-o said...:

    Why would you get baptised at the beach? Coney Island is not clean! Eww! Take thee to a public pool first!