July 31, 2006

Its official. I dont have to go home. But I have to get the hell out of my NYU dorm. After telling my editors that my last day really is Friday, something I thought they knew, it finally sunk it that my time was up. So instead of packing like I should, here I am in denial blogging.
I am not looking forward to squeezing all my stuff into four suitcases (including my computer and no . . .its not a laptop) But to tell the truth though Im sad to go, its so much easier for me to leave and move on to another chapter in my life (read: SENIOR YEAR!!!!!!) instead of something leaving me . . .which is deeper into my fear of rejection that is to heavy to go into now.

In other news . . .
These last two days I have been hitting the consignment and vintage shops hard. And yours truly is so freshly ready for fall! I got these funky platforms (that I pray I dont fall in with my clumsy self) that I so can see me wearing in the fall with some tights or trouser socks. And these purple boots from Beacons closet, a vintage-lovers gold mine, that my homie didnt like, but I loved! The beauty of how we are so alike yet so different. Cause I didnt love her black dress either but didnt have the heart to say nor should I that even I would say that dress was too grandma which means a lot coming from me. . .

I really think Im lactose intolerant. Im going to the doctor next week so Ill be sure to ask but until then I should fall back on the dairy. Just wish I had of figured that out before the summer was over for my poor roommates sake. I know New York doesn't have the freshes air, but that doesnt give me a right to add to the pollution . . . (TMI?)

I gave up on my crush. Its worst than 'He's just not into you.' That I can deal with. But its the maybe that makes it hard not to wonder and leaves me constantly kicking myself that Im such an old-fashion punk. Thanks for the rambling.

*packing punk in a queens body


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