The Summer 2006 Queen Awards

August 5, 2006
I've landed back in Atlanta (and as you can see immediately put my computer up:) I still don't know how I was lucky enough to get the best summer ever (and whisper up a prayer of thanks to some great-great-aunt who must have been the shit and I got to reap the reward!) Im sure you are tired of reading about how freakishly happy I am in these sappy posts, so I thought the official way to conclude my most perfect and first summer in NY would be to host the Summer 2006 Queen Awards!

And the winners are . . .

You and your beautiful Soul Award
Ziggy Marley for his charisma, a voice I could listen to ALL day and recruiting me to his religion - LOVE!

Breakout Drink of the Summer
Soco Lime shots!!!!!!!!
Though a close runner-up was Strawberry Pina Coladas at BBQs. Strong and cheap!

Best Bargin of the City
My Marc Jacob black and white sandals for under 50 bucks!!!!!!!

Biggest Disappointment
def that guy that didnt work out that I really sort of like. This other guy who I just enjoyed hanging out with sort of let me down to since he irked my nerves expecting me to cook on our first real date and sort of lying about his age. oh well, i guess if I had a perfect relationship right now my life would be to perfect. And as I always say you cant have it all. I gave up good eye sight to be smart and cute:)

Best Fight Fiasco
With my roommate. I know she just didnt tell me to be quiet then. But I handled that and ended on a high note. Its hard to take the high road. And I really do HATE baby voices and suprised my own self by never saying a word about it. Go me!

Best Advice
From my therapist, the one and only Susan Taylor. Breathe. You don't HAVE to have a boyfriend as you try and focus on your career right now. You will become your mother so respect her. Dreams come true!

Best Movie
Devil Wearing Prada!!!!!
but I guess since I only saw like 4 movies it wasnt that hard to win. Still waiting on Ash to give me my money back after I actually paid to go see Miami Vice knowing it would suck, but since she wanted to go so bad. It doesnt always feel good to be right.

Hot Spot of the Summer
Wish 26 on Thursday night!!!! I love seeing all the young progressive black people, something I was spoiled to see in Atlanta and missed in DC. I had a ball every time, they hooked us up with drink specials, more guys than girls (and well dressed cool guys coming straight from work and wearing the hell out of suits and ties)and the DJ ALWAYS played my song. Bass!

Finalist for for future boo!
Johnta Austin hands down. Though a lot of artist came through our doors and all wanted to "take R&B back" (though Avant and Bobby V have yet to convince me)Johnta got me and not just he from Atlanta:). First he looks nothing like the metro pics he has on his site and the tat on his lower arm is so very sexy. Maybe it goes to another thing I learned about myself that Im attracted to powerful men of all ages. And he is powerful with a pen having written Mariah's 'We Belong Together,' Toni's 'Just Be a Man about it,' Chris's 'Yo[excuse me miss] and at 16 he wrote Tyrese's 'Sweet Lady.' Aside from writing some of favorite jams he really was cool and had that DSGB vibe that I love and missed in the guys up north.

Runner up - Ziggy, just cuz of that voice but I know he's a little old to be dreaming about:)
Bottom of the list - Ray J

Ok. Time to unpack and wash clothes - something I am embarrsed to say I haven't done in like 3 weeks and am only doing because Im getting low on undies. once again, TMI?
Oh well Summer in NY was BEAUTIFUL. Work my ass off and proof to myself I can actually make it. Check. As the queen of 10:00 bedtimes stay up in a city that never sleeps. Check. Keep dancing the night away like my feet dont hurt. Check. Lunch with Mitzi. Check. Network, Network, Network. Check. Shop like someone else is paying. Check. Realize if the city is really for you and damn is it ever. Check. Find peace in knowing you'll be back next year. check

- Not a Queen from Queens but a Manhattan Girl-to-be


  1. LaurenAshleigh said...:

    I got the chance to interview Johnta when he came to Howard at the radio station and he is by far one of the sweetest, most sincere and talented people I've ever gotten the chance to meet in this industry. And yes, yes he's also absurdly more good looking than he's pictures allow.

  1. shani-o said...:

    We MUST talk. MUST, I say.

  1. Elle* said...:

    Glad u enjoyed ur summer in the NYC! Ohhhh, and BTW, Marc Jacobs for under 50 bucks?! DO TELL!

  1. Whitney said...:

    I agree w/ the Ziggy-Voice thing. 1 word: Perculate!