She get it from her daddy!

August 15, 2006
I guess you heard the bad news. Cynthia McKinney lost. It should be illegal the way they change parties to kick her out at the primary, yet still go back home to the party to vote out the unsuspecting brother. The other news that's not good but not as bad is I talk too much. And not talking rambling. Im saying I give my life story to the chick sitting next to me on the bus. Its not a bad thing to be open. But you damn sure neeed to be selective in who you dish to . .. so you don't have that look of dumbfounded-ness (yes . . .its a word. . . now) when someone brings up something you didn't even tell them.
This past weekend I went to Grandma's house. She's not doing too hot. But she is getting better after having a spur taken off her spine and being diagnosed with diabetes in her mid 80s. Serious stuff. So on the way back me, my dad and my little sister are in the car when he starts talking about his girlfriend. While I was in NY I remember talking to him after the fourth and him being downright giddy over this lady and spending a lot of time with her and going to her church's revival and stuff.
My parents have been divorced basically all my life so I'm over the hopes of them getting back together, but I've never seen him like this. He was never like this over my sister's mom so this is new for me. He calls her. Makes plans for the three of us to have lunch the next day so I can meet her. If seeing my dad all excited over this lady isn't weird enough her name is Cynthia - just like my mom. On top of that my sister calls my mom 'Ms. Cynthia'. So now this second grader and my dad call my his friend her full name, Ms. Cynthia Doyle. comedy.

It was a transformation right before my eyes. My dad became a teenager. At his office before lunch he told me that he had an eye exam later that day. After a bad experience with his hard contacts in the 80s he got rid of them and never looked back. That is until now. He asked me all about mine and planned to ask his doctor about soft ones b/c he thought Cynthia Doyle might like them. With her office right around the corner we scooped her up and headed to lunch.
My dad's last few choices in women (including my sister's mom) have been less than stellar so I was really pleased with his selection. She has a lot in common with my mom too besides the name. Seeing his nose flair up when I took a pic of them was classic and made me excited for him. What also made me excited is this perfume he got me that is my new scent. 'Be Delicious' by Donna Karan. Makes me smell so yummy. Anyone smelled it? like it?
But back to what exactly I get from my daddy that can't be bought. The Too-Much-Info gene. As soon as she closes the door when we drop her back at work he says "She's really likes me, cant you tell?" And you know Im not going to make it easy on him so I ask 'what makes you think that?' So he launches into the FULL history of there few months relationship - including the fact that they kissed twice so far. So, if you ever wonder why I talk so damn much or tell all my bizness, now we both know.

Queen- to-be-who-spills-the-beans-like-her-pappy


  1. Elle* said...:

    HEHEHE, that made me giggle. I think that is sooo cute!