Im Back!!!

August 25, 2006
Today I say I'm Back! Back at school to kick off my fourth and final year of my Different World. And she's back too . . . my most favorite STAR, Miss Beyonce'

I've always thought she was a star! I have a confession though. I did hate on her a little this summer. After hearing some stories (including one of how she through fur coats on her and runs to the car while Jay strolls along) I started to think she was two-dimensional and maybe lacked depth. Even so, 'Deja Vu' remained my top jam this summer and after three soco lime shots you can just call me 'B'

Stopping by to say hello to the folks I use to intern for I was prepared to not to like "Ring the Alarm" after hearing how the focus groups supposedly hated it. Then it was played for me and I liked it. kind of. Then I saw the video. And was reminded why I am a Beyonce fan! I realized that my old boss might not have it felt b/c I thing only a woman can feel that emotion of making somebody a better person only for them to let there hardwork go to someone else (not that I do either but I can imagine:) And then today the DC radio stations went to war on who played "Freak 'em Dress" first so they both kept playing it and even played "Upgrade." I was happy as hell for there fight cuz my FM transmitter batteries died. I'm was loving the new Beyonce' that's more than being just happy and booty shaking.Because in relationships you are not always feeling all lovely and ish.

Last Beyonce confession. Though I fronted like I didn't want them to tell anybody, you know I was beaming on the inside when some random guy called me a 'Chocolate Beyonce' on the streets of NY in front of Michael and Whitney. My bandmates and club partners from the summer, Zex and J Blast knew I thought I was Beyonce b/c of how I acted when 'Deja Vu' came on but nobody other then them had called me that. So when a guy in the school of C called me Beyonce yesterday out of nowhere I once again was smiling hard!!!!!! So I am back and getting my Beyonce' on. I might even pull out the Freekum dress this weekend:) Bass.

-Queen (B that is)

****That pic is from the night that guy called me chocolate Beyonce'. And NO, you can't call me that!


  1. Whitney said...:

    One of my fav pics of the summer!!!