Cheers to You!

August 23, 2006

If you get a second, check out Whitney's cute post on our summer. You know how us black females can't seem to get along so for a group of us to work together over the summer and really bond is nothing to take lightly. If you wondering why I only have one lens in that pic, miss fashion intern lost the lens somehow to my Stunna Shades #1. Hope she was more careful with the praaadaaaaa.



  1. Whitney said...:

    I'm SORRY about Stunna Shades #1!!!!!! I'll name my first born child after you, even if it's a boy, ok??? Anyway, Summer 06 was definitely my best summer yet and a huge chunk was all of the funny, talented, friendly, eclectic Black Girls that I got to work with. *tear, *tear, I can't believe its over!! But I'm sure we'll all meet up again next summer...it's going down in NYC Summer 2007!!!!