Summer . . .Farewell Forever (unless you teach)

August 19, 2006
Please. A moment of silence for my last week in Atlanta. My final summer has come and gone and the the last week was a good one! So let me go on and wrap it up. I did a little
Partying . . .
martini Monday at Justin's with Yasmine. Where we saw Ricki from New Edition (though I swore it was Ralph:) Had a brain fart. Nice crowd. We both agreed if we were 25 and single that's where we would be. After a drink we headed over to the Havanna Club were we stumble upon the skeezer convention. You have to check out her blog for the details on the strippers who came through doing all there tricks for free. They all were trying to be up in the face of one of the twins from Jagged Edge who was there.
A Family Affair
Going out with my family is always so much fun just to here the crazy stories. And I promise you I got you beat on the family stories. A uncle who got kicked off the deacon board for smoking weed by the baptismal board. Can you beat that? We are as different as all the many shades that we are (my mom's the one sitting across from me) At dinner where we stayed close to home and grabbed the cheddar biscuits at Red Lobster I realized I wasn't the only one my dad was telling all his business to. I heard more than I wanted to about the old man from my cousin which I promise you don't want to hear. The sentence in this: Long John Silver. (YUCK) . I had a good time that night at the party of a old high school buddy and ended it on a high - a banana smoothie from Tasti D-lite. Who knew they came to Atlanta???
speaking of family . . .
Pretty Babies
Is she not the cutest baby ever? I have a problem that when I see really cute brown babies I think they could have been mine. This is my hairdressers God grandbaby I guess (is that what they call it when your god child has a baby?) I still think Brad and Angelina somehow got Zahara from me. If money ever get real tight I might be that unidentified woman who says she's mine.
Take 'em to Church
If ever in Atlanta and looking for a church go by the church I've gone to my WHOLE life: Wheat Street Baptist Church over on Auburn Ave. On a 4th Sunday catch my mom in the gospel choir. they blow. She'll be the alto nodding during the sermon:) The church and the choir will be in the new Tyler Perry Movie so check em out. I was able to take this pic on the highway because that's how the traffic can be in the city. Gotta love Atlanta.

Education is So Very Sexy
I went by homie Ieesha's school on Bankhead and met her class. She has the lowest scoring of the school's third graders but is determined to get them on track. Teach for America really is a needed program. Just hope Paques and Tarjee (yes say it just like you say Target in bourgeois) don't burn her out and the kids are nice to Tacqunisha Bell down the hall. Those kids need all the help they can get. All they need is love . . .just like the rest of us.

So let me finish up packing before I head out in the morning for Richmond. Im riding solo for 8 hours so you know at the top of my long list of things to get is a FM transmitter so I can jam to my ipod. Hope I can get one for the low.

Summer '06 . . .Queen, Out.


  1. shani-o said...:

    You and Yasmine looked very fly.