Who knew it could be this good

July 29, 2006
Okay. So life is good. Real good. And I am excited that a dink bat like myself has the sense to realize how good it really is. Had I not been home last summer living the worst year of my young life, I probably wouldn't appreciate this golden summer so much. If I didn't remember thinking I was doing it when my mom let me get both the buy one and the get one free pairs from Payless in middle school (and I always got platforms!) I wouldn't have gotten so excited when I got these gorgeous Marc Jacobs sandals from a thrift store or been so pressed to try on those red boots I just had to put on in the picture. My week has been phenomenal. Probably one of the top five ones in my life. And although I am the queen of gab, some of the beautiful things that happened to me are to precious to put out here for any Tom, Dick or Harpo to read. (And yes, I stole that line from the Color Purple:) Sorry for being all secretive but in reading old posts I realize I put full names out here sometimes and I don't think that is appropriate blogging etiquette . . . (sorry Isoul . . .though even without a last name Im sure you can figure out who he is and read his stuff in Upscale Atlanta Peach, People, Vibe etc:)

So my most fabulous week . . .
Monday was sweet and simple. Worked hard. Came home and grabbed ice cream with the roomies. Tasty Delite for my Iowa-roomie Shell. Good ole Mister Softy for me. Though I discovered like a lot of things, the sprinkles looked cool to the eye, but weren't good to the taste.
Tuesday was one of the best days of my life! Interns had there annual lunch with Susan Taylor, which was divine. I was honored that our intern coordinator asked me to let a high school girl who is on her stuff shadow me for the day. We had a ball and she even got to spot a celebrity that came through the office (this is as much blogging I will do about my internship.) Susan offered the interns the chance to come to her apartment for a special small reception she was hosting. Though I had other plans it was Susan Taylor and some one else I was humbled to meet. Yes the penthouse was fabulous. But more importantly Susan Taylor is everything she appears to be and more. Her relationship with her husband is so inspiring and beautiful. Me, Krystle and Ashley - the interns who took her up on her offer - kid about how the highlight of our summer was washing Susan Taylor's dishes. But it really was as we bonded barefoot in her kitchen listening to her sing along with Etta James and Nat King Cole and drinking the ginger tea she made me.
And the week is not over . . .
Wednesday I got my lunch with someone who I said I wanted to meet before the summer ended in my Honey post. Yes, she really is the shit! And it always sooo cool to realize people you admire are still just regular people - and you could actually achieve what they have someday. That evening I was able to tag along with one of my editors to a movie event and who do I bump into - Scott PB, the freakin magazine king who was the founding EIC of Vibe and gave it its name. Be sure to check out his blog. Because of Michael's HUABJ panel I had had the pleasure to hear Scott speak at Howard though I didn't really introduce myself and follow up. But after hearing the EIC of Jane tell how hard he hustled as an intern at Rolling Stone and then reading that Beyonce story he did in Giant Magazine - of which he is the editorial director, I followed up emailing. He had already agreed to hang with some of us 'Howard peeps' and I had just emailed him that afternoon when I saw him at this event. He even knew who I was, though I had only seen him at that panel (gosh, i love Howard:) and it made me feel good not to just be an intern but to know someone there. I also met this cool guy from Entertainment Weekly and Aliyah, a respected music writer who Maiya had just mentioned the day before she was a fan of and who writes a lot for Upscale, which gave me way to start a conversation. So now you know Tuesday and Wednesday were FIERCE! Thursday I just partied with Z and represented Atlanta hard at Wish 26! Tonight was crazyiness in Time Square after a fabulous week. So if seeing the horrible Miami Vice was the worst part of my week I have nothing to complain about.
Now you know why I have been slacking on the posting because i'm busy living what I am sure I will look back and say was the best times (though I secretly hope it continues to get better) and I never imagined it would be this good.

-Dreams are real . . .and so are queens



  1. shani-o said...:

    Sounds fabulous! I'm so glad you're having a wonderful time!!