Don't get fired on your day off - learn from Craig

July 5, 2006

The fourth of July was great. I slept in after flying in to Chicago yesterday only to change clothes and go right back out when I get back to my room. What can I say. Duty (read Zenitra) called and it was time for me to go party hard and promote harder. Did I mention during all the partying last night and chilling at the Fourth of July bbq today I am coughing and hoarse with what could very well be strep throat. But back to my don't get fired title. I know I can't get fired b/c theoretically I don't even have a real job, but I do have a nice freelance assignment that I have procrastinated the hell out of. Partly because I have been so busy. And the other part is that I have not made the time to get it done. The problem is I know myself too well. I know I can bang out a 500 word article in a short time. But that doesn't mean I should. So even though I did all my research, I will spend tomorrow getting the rest of my interviews done and tomorrow evening tightening up the piece. But tomorrow is the problem. And tomorrow I will pay. Through all my weekend fun in Chicago and hard partying in NY I didn't check my schedule. Tomorrow they are playing 'Mean Girls' in the park and I probably wont even get to go. I LOVE that movie and because I procrastinated like only a selfish, back stabbing, slut face hoe bag would do, I probably wont even get to go. On one hand I wish I had done things differently but the procrastinator in me who won't even admit that she is a procrastinator and just makes up excuses thinks I lived up my first fourth of July in NY and have been just making the most of a fantastic summer. Maybe they both are right. Just wish they would have figured out a way for me to have fun, write the article and still make it to mean girls. maybe next time.

so fetch,
(whose middle name is spelled the way Katie should be spelled)