Making God smile . . .loving her Color Purple!

July 22, 2006
Saw the Color Purple today and it was everything you hoped it would be, but was afraid to hope for in fear of disappointment. I'll be upfront. I love that movie. I love the characters. I love the cinematography. I love the lines. I mean, come on, I use them everyday."You told Harpo to beat me""You shoooool is UGLY""It's gone rain on yo head""Till you do right by me everything you do will fail""M-I-S-T-E-R . . .Mister"I have to physically stop myself so I can tell you a lil bit about the play. All the characters were phenomenal and you know when you going to a Broadway show you do it big and lay on the makeup. Go light on the mascara if you are late like me and havent had a chance to catch the play. By far my favorite scenes were the ones with harpo and sophia who bascially got it on on the stage:) it was so cute! Sophia was just hilarious. The unexpected suprise was Squeak who got a lot more play and was hilarious. They go deeper in some parts than the movie did when taking things from the book. They went deeper into Nettie, Adam and Olivia being in Africa and it is no mystery whether Celie and Sug are romantically involved. I forgot to mention one of the most important parts. . . .we were in the very front row! It was great to hear the usher tell us front row and worth getting out there at 8am to get in line for rush tickets when the box office opened at 10am. And it will only make you more upset if I tell you how cheap our front row seats were. Gotta love New York! From a previous post you will know I already ran into Lachanze at an event earlier in the summer, but she really is worth all the hype. I love the story and my expectations werent that high for the play just because I love the movie. But the play took my Color Purple love to new heights. I pray I find in myself a fraction of the beauty in which Alice Walker can tell a story. No they didn't do 'Miss Celie's Blues' But they reminded me and impactfully imparted the most important lesson of the story and hence it's title - be thankful for the blessings you have big and small. Don't pass the purple flowers in your life and not appreciate that beautiful color.
-Queen who dreams a Color Purple Reign