I'm Settled.

June 5, 2007
So, I kinda fell off the blogging after I was doing so good. Life sort of gets in the way of doing stuff sometime. Fortunately for me I'm getting feeling back in my body.
I don't know if it was a deep rooted fear of growing up I didnt know I had or shell shock from so much happening at one time but right before graduation my life speed up times a million and Im just now catching up.
I look at pictures from graduation and am just now starting to grasp that I was in that crowd, that was me.
I was so overwhelmed I was underwhelmed by it all.
Feeling so much I got numb and I didnt like that - I dont like that. I wish I could do it over and really feel it, really live in the moment. Oh well, that's what dvds are for.
Speaking of dvds ( not really but I want to segment to my move), I bought tons of them when I stopped at Target last weekend in DC after getting all my stuff out of storage and loading it in the Uhaul. It wasnt nearly as bad as I dreaded to drive the uhaul from DC to NY - though Uhaul makes a killing not giving you enough miles to actually get where you tell them you're going.
I made it unpacked half my stuff Sunday with the help of Tifany (yes, with one F). But with my desktop, tv and other heavy stuff still to be unloaded and tired on a memorial day weekend I hatched a plan to find two young but big boys the next day and pay them a few dollars to move the rest. That wasnt as easy as I thought and very weird, but I did get the nerve to ask elijah if he would help. From Senegal, he was happy to help, didnt charge me, but did get my number the next day and calls me REPEATEDLY. Still nothing is free . . .. this other guy helped too and in 15 minutes they had gotten the rest of my stuff out. Best $40 I ever spent.
So though I have lost my few and faithful who actually read my ramblings, I promise I've been very busy. Last week I posted my first articles on the site! They were interviews with your favorite Charm School girls: Darra Like Dat and Goldie. I also caught up with our own Dean Mikki who was en route to Europe.
With this weekend my first one with all my stuff here and after a short but full week at work I did what anyone with a little sense would do - I unpacked all my crap, washed clothes and took advantage of some down time! Well, at least during the day. Saturday night me, the roomie and her cool ass friend went hookah bar hopping. it was as fun as it sounds:) The first spot had tents over the tables so you really felt like you were in the middle east with this belly dancer moving throughout the place. The second spot had more of a lounge feel with everyone laid out on their couches and mellow music playing. We get there and this big guy with a conk-like 'do and color contacts shows us where to sit and suggest this fruity hookah flavor that is pretty good. He tells us his name, but with a few drinks we cant remember.
We think it sounded like chemo, but know that cant be right, so amongst ourselves we refer to him as Shamu. I dont know, I just have this thing against color contacts. So we continue to chill and me and roomie go to Shamu's couch when he calls us over. We ask his name again and he says Kimo (pronounced chemo like we thought) He offers to do a shot gun with her from his Cognac flavored leaves - us being at the only place in NY he says that soaks their leaves in alcohol.
She agrees to the shotgun. She takes his smoke, chills for a sec and proceeds to get up and leave me there not knowing I thought he saw this as his opportunity.
He wastes no time. "why don't you slide over some." Im thinking, this is Shamu with the conk who's obviously suspect with these colored contacts. be cool.
he then offers me a Shot gun to which I reply I dont know how to do. He has all the faith I can do it and three times later I realized this has nothing to do with smoke.
He then compliments me on my shoes. Something a straight guy would do if you're looking good in heels I guess.
He then asks me where I got them from. Something a straight guy would never do.
I tell him this spot in Georgetown. He then asks if I like to shop in SoHo. I say yeah. He tells me he does security for "this store called Nicole Miller"
im like, "I know Nicole Miller. She's kind of a big deal:) I love her dresses! One of my fave dresses is from there."
He then asked what does it look like. I raise my eyebrow and say you wouldnt know if I told you. he says just try me. So I say how its mustard (though I gave him the benefit of the doubt he doesnt use the word mustard for color and said yellow:) I say how it has puffy sleeves and before I can say anymore he goes, "from last season right?" And all I can do is scrunch my eyebrows and say yeah. Why does the security guard know my dress? he asks me to do more shot guns and for my number like nothing ever happened. When did guys start knowing clothes had seasons???

Well, after that crazy and fun night I got up and got the place ready for my first guests. I hosted a birthday brunch for my friend Latoya and it was fabulous. KLA got me my first housewarming gift, a cute little cactus I named Lorelei.

So, I've come to grips with me being a grown woman and it can be kinda fabulous if you want, right? I promise not pull to a badgirl and stick to blogging on the regular. Or blog dean Shani O will revoke my membership . . .



  1. jameil1922 said...:

    how is shani gonna revoke somebody's membership when she blogs twice a month? just sayin. hurray for livin it up! i don't care where he works. it is not normal for a straight dude to know women's clothes like that. and colored contacts are very suspect.

  1. La said...:

    u were riiiiight on the edge of getting fired. Although, as Jam points out, Shani is HARDLY one to talk.

    No ma'am for the colored contacts. I know alot of men who wear them.

    Granted, they're all HUGE queens...

  1. shani-o said...:

    HATERS! How in the hell do you think this post came about? Gentle prodding from, that's how! And I blog more than twice a month, biotches.

    Ahem. Thanks for the update, lady.

  1. Miss Yasmine said...:

    hilarity! that is crazy how he knew your dress though...I never knew what a shotgun was either till' brandon told me AFTER laron offered to do one...continously.