Ish happens

June 28, 2007
I got up in one of those moments where it takes a minute to realize where you are. I look around and realize Im in my room in my apartment. Then the panic sets in as I know am suppose to be doing something right now instead of sleeping.
It comes: I should be at my cousin's babysitting her boyfriends son while they go out. I am scheduled to be there at 6:30pm. I look at my clock. It says 7:20. With the time being 10 minutes fast I am only a little late and jump up and grab my phone.
60 missed calls.
How can I have that many calls when I just went to sleep at 5:oopm?
I look at the time in the corner . . .7:15AM.
I have slept through the whole night.
I am completely not expecting this, though Im not completely shocked. I was running on fumes and my body always has a mind of its own . . . if its tired . . .it sleeps.
Still no excuse for not fulfilling my word to babysit so I call my cousin.
Tell her what has happened and on the verge of crying apologize profusely, though she says no biggie, reading her text message from last night it says"You're killing us Where are you?????. I'm trying not to get mad right now"
Then on the phone she asks, "So you slept 15 hours? that's not normal"
I tell her my life isnt normal.
Then after hanging up before I really start to cry . ..and to pack up my suitcase since I have to get to work and am leaving straight from work to the airport to fly home for my 9am dentist appointment for the first phase of a root canal since I have no insurance after June 30th when my mom's plan drops me.
I understood her frustration since I did agree to come for a few hours. But couldnt she understand how I could oversleep? How I was home earlier because we had stayed till 4am the night before watching the BET awards then getting stuff on the site? Didnt I IM her earlier sharing how after getting home early morning I slept for an hour and a half before getting up to get back in by 8am with the rest of the team to make sure everything was ready to go? Hadnt I agreed to babysit for no charge? Can't I get some credit?
I emailed [XREF http://jameil.blogspot.com/ "Jameil"] a little while back telling her how much I enjoyed her blog and how I was going to start being a little more honest in my own.
One thing I thank God for is the ability to get over things and not old grudges when I realize so many people aren't made that way. So yes, I have sooo so much to be thankful for, but dont think shit doesnt happen to me . . . .and if Im going to be a queen-to-be I gotta keep it real.
Yes, my graduation party was fabulous, but I sort of ommited how at home afterwards, when Im suppose to be getting ready to go party for real, my tooth ache starts again and family members tell me it will only get worse so I go to the emergency dental office of atlanta. pay $98 for them just to let me in and do one xray. then $315 for them to take 20 minutes to take the rest of the nerve out that was suppose to be fully taken out at the dental school of my alma mater.
Well, thankfully when I tried to call my mom at 7:20 this morning after apologizing to my cousin, an empty suitcase sits on my bed for this weekend's family reunion in charlotte and on the verge of a meltdown, I am still in work mode and put in a 9 first when trying to call on the house phone to Atlanta and the call doen't go through.
Thats all I need is to call her crying when Im already fighting so hard for them to view me as an "adult" and she constantly sending me those "be safe" emails some soccer mom in the mid-west forwards. My fave being the report from some jail where they gathered all the rapists and asked them what they look for in targets. There "easy to grab." preference for ponytails made me not want to wear them, not that Im a ponytail girl anyway.So instead of calling her I decided to tell you to get it off my chest.
Working 4am nights is not the norm at the job, and I enjoyed watching the awards at work and it was classic as I belted how Idris Elba could get it as our EIC rounds the corner;) Be sure to check the site and vote for best dressed. Well, wish me luck with this dentist appointment in the morning, and I promise to be honest . . .good and bad. Stuff happens to queens too:)


  1. shani-o said...:

    Aw, man... I'm sorry buddy!

  1. Mademoiselle M said...:

    Ok so I just wrote a comment and my "borrowed" wireless signal faded out so I lost it while it was being submitted... the damn British. So here we go again- but shorter:

    I'm feeling you with the keepin it real. It's important for you to let everything out from time to time. I'm also feelin you with the being seen as an adult. It's too bad life doesn't come with an instructions manual - i'd even take "Life for Dummies" but I don't think it's been written as yet... don't think God is into making money.

    Nonetheless, its important to remember that "grown folks" also have their bad days, their meltdowns, and their breakdowns. Just take it in strides, one day at a time. As my mother always says, "such is life." I never like hearing it but I know she is so right.

    Good luck! (and you look great in your pics if that's any consolation!)

  1. jameil1922 said...:

    there is nothing wrong w/having a bad day like mademoiselle said. EVERYONE goes thru it. my mom is still struggling to view me as an adult. i probably didn't help by calling her freaking out yesterday. she will probably forever send those be safe emails b/c she's your mom.

    we watched paris get out of jail at work on all the different networks and could not stop cracking up @the coverage and her teeny wave and "shy" smile while walking out like it was a runway.

    teeth probs are the worst. and the oversleeping thing? that is your body telling you ENOUGH!! don't let the frustration stick. shake it off and listen to your body. may i say tho 60 missed calls? BALLLLLLIN!!! people have just stopped calling me after 2 yrs on this horrific schedule so i'm lucky to get 60 missed in a week.... that is so sad... don't spread that around. lol

  1. Elle* said...:

    You know what they say, "Take a lickin' a keep on tickin' "! (lol) I know that's so corny, but true! Bad days suck but we're still here to live and tell about them. :)

  1. Paula D. said...:

    I hope you are all rested up
    now :-)
    You had good intentions to baby sit, but when your body says 'I need to sleep'....you have no choice :-)

  1. queen-to-be said...:

    thanks guys! Im rested and back to business.
    And the 60 missed calls . . .so not balling, just a couple who took turns calling the babysitter

    and sorry for the ehore post. Debbie Downer came for a visit

  1. Shara D. said...:

    i know you probably didn't feel too jovial in the midst of all that happening, but your blog made me laugh out loud!!

    we've all been there at least once. i know i surely have...probably on more than one occasion.

    and the whole adult thing with your mom. forget about it. it's like my mom always tells me in her "memphis-y" accent, "you'll always be mama's baby." and she says the same thing about my older brother, who's pushing 40. HAHA!!