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June 24, 2007

I have been super busy and hate I havent posting more ( I have tried on my lunchbreak at work but for some reason the pictures come up in html and I cant format them like I want to and I have gotten spoiled to posting with pics)
And now that I have the time to post
I dont know what to talk about.

I will say be sure to check out the Tameka Foster interview on Essence.com. It's juicy! Be sure to check out the style blog too that just kicked off. This week was another jam packed one for me. Monday Angie Stone called me pretty and talked a little about D'Angelo;)
Wednesday my amazing editor from last summer celebrated her birthday.

From Eritrea, it was so hot as the office crowned her Queen and I played "Queen to Be" from Coming to America that BB read interesting facts about the country. After work I rushed home and tried to get the place ready for my Black Girls Meet event with a few friends coming over to talk about life and books we're reading. The meatballs left over from my party and spaghetti were fun to eat as we all felt a little Living Single/ Sex and the City.

Thursday I reunited with my summer buddies. At a bar afterwards for drink it was an outer body experience as I realized how fortunate we were to all be back in the city working for magazines.
I finally got a honesty box on facebook after Yasmine's postreminded me people may not think of you what you think they do, and I guess id rather know since they feel that way regardless. So far i've gotten a few ego strokes, a marriage proposal, a request to see me in the buff and a message to "take the time to talk to the little people who may be more helpful for your success than you think" Well, I dont know what "little people" and dont network on the premise of using someone for personal gain.
Saturday I went to the NABJ region conference. Got all kinds of ideas after a session with this guy. Later I went to the "surprise" party of my old editor that she told me earlier in the week to be sure to go to. my mojo was ON;) I've been reading our office book club selection for the month "Weapons of Mass Seduction" and I feel like I should have read it years ago. Im already doing the S.E.L.L. and have seen results. Met a cool guy on the train and now have a spades date.
Well, let me go get some sleep. Busy week ahead.


  1. Anonymous said...:

    looking good Eri gurl
    happy Birthday.


  1. jameil1922 said...:

    hurray for fun!!!!!!!

  1. spchrist said...:

    The blog is hot. I'll be coming back more often.

  1. Tweezy said...:

    It's funny you should mention D'Angelo... I was just trying to figure out where the hell is he? and when is he going to do another album?

    Brown Sugar was a classic and Voodoo, IMHO, is timeless. Those two albums alone saved my dating career in high school, and well into college. Time for some new material though.

  1. Hi. I loved that the S.E.L.L. tips in my book are working for you. Thanks for the shout out in your blog!