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June 11, 2007
Weekend wrap up.

Friday went to my first event as an employed member of the press. Last year Mimi Carey was Venus's "Legs of Goddess" and true to her diva style, unveiled 6 foot replica of her legs. This year the goddess was Rihanna. After waiting in this hot room with all these photographers blocking anyone from seeing out comes Rihanna. If you never have seen dozens of photographers all take pictures of the same thing at the same time its, its amazing . . .and the closes I hope to ever get to being struck by lightning. She was out for all of three minutes to be photgraphed, say three sentences and be out.
After going back to work and meeting this amazing family who just bought a house after following the mag's tips for a year, I headed to happy hour to meet the sister of a editor I admire, She interns at Black Enterprise, along with our former HU Undergraduate Trustee who knows everyone on campus so it quickly turned into a mini Howard event. Everybody shares friends and the degree of separation is really one . . .
I completely back out on two friends, but Im not in the same place I was last year. And shoot, after working the whole week Im tired on fridays.
Saturday . . .chill hard. Buy a waffle iron.
yesterday me and roomie went to church and it was great to be able to walk from my apartment to one of the most famous black baptist church.
After grabbing ox tails, greens and mac and cheese from the soul food buffet (its still weird to know its owned by asians but at least now black people work there), I head downtown to the pantene event featuring Mikki and celeb stylist Yusef.
The set up in a salon is nice and all these fly black women is always cool - though I think I detected a lot of false pretension in the air. maybe it was the quiche.
I think my cousin finally realizes Im not the pig tailed goofy girl with ice cream all on her shirt when I introduce her and her friend to Mikki.
Keeping that HU connection going, me and Rachel talk to her again after I luck up on a foot rub when the scheduled person wasnt around. We bring up Charm School and she asks who we think will win and I blurt Saaphyri. As she says a lot of people say that I notice this amazing emerald and green ring on her finger and just know it is from her recent euro travels. She confirms my suspicision. One day I tell you, one day.
After that I head to Loehmanns with the plan to get a dress for my church's graduation program on Sunday and lick my wounds after my mom crushed my feelings questioning if I were going to wear somethine "conservative" to church. If you dont know by now I want to scream at her . . .
I didnt grab any dresses but I did loose my mind in the shoe deparment (Christian Lacroix for $90!!!!) and the bags too . . .
Well, after racking up and feeling good with some fabulous finds I get to the register and they decline ALL my cards. This has never happened and Im too confused to be embarrased though I know through there eyes they see this all the time and my "I dont know whats happening" is probably heard by many who know exactly what has happened.
As my heart beats that someone has stolen my identity and maxed my cards, he tells me I can write a check. Well, that wasnt so simple as the manager had to come over, call my bank and read every detail from my check including the eye color of my first born. All's well that ends well. The check is approved. Though no one can answer why this store would take my good check but decline my debit card thats on the same account.
Well, I soon learned after donatingonly $20 to www.savedarfur.com my card had been red flagged and suspected of fraud . . . whew, I think I can only take that credit card decline stress once so next time Im writing a check to charity.



  1. shani-o said...:

    Dude, that sucks... but seriously, THIS is why we can't save Darfur... the MAN is punishing you.

    Hmm... do I smell a conspiracy theory?

  1. Elle* said...:

    LOL @ the other poster! I'm laughing now I forgot what I wanted to right, oh yeah, aren't they supposed to call you up and ask you if you made the purchase? Geez.

  1. Mademoiselle M said...:

    as usual, everything sounds fabulous. That card thing sucks... I guess "better safe than sorry," *arghh*

    and No I missed the special on VH1. Maybe I can catch it again... I'll check the website. I've heard so many people say it was good.

  1. jameil1922 said...:

    have i ever told you i love polka dots?? LOVE!! Christian Lacroix for $90?!?!!?!?!? i'm salivating, weeping and tearing out my hair simultaneously... no more free hands... must go.

  1. Darby said...:

    keep doing it FABULOUS dahling (lol)... but that sux about the card. Just goes to show you that no good deed goes unpunished.

  1. D. Sands said...:

    Gotta love Manna's.