June 18, 2007
So, I was already going to write a post on how I probably put too many names and details in these posts when I was on facebook and saw a former friend I lived with had un-friended me.
I can't say Im disappointed. Just wish she would have said something to me. But I guess since I never shared how somethings bothered me by her I can't really be mad.
But what really reminded me the world is too small to think someone won't find this blog and the things I may have said (not that I say things I care if someone reads evidenced by the fact that I concsiously publish them) is that last night at the loooonnnnnggggg taxi stand line at the airport contact guy from the Hookah bar called and I panicked thinking he was calling to cuss me out after finding the blog where I posted his name AND picture while questioning his sexuality. I finally got the courage and listened to his message.
He was just calling to say hey and wanted to hang out.

So my weekend you ask?
Fabulous:) Flew home. Chilled with the fam. Had my graduation party and got some fabulous dresses ( and Jameil I got this tan with white polka dots one you gotta check out once I get it hemmed:) It was great to see friends and fam, some I hadnt seen in a long time. To the far left is my fabulous friend Reecy (who now goes by her first name Rachelle but still let's us call her Reecy;) Havent really seen her since 7th grade and thanks to facebook we have reunited with our buddy. Keith, came who gave me my first journalism job on our high school newspaper. My best buds celeste and amber (who we call Slick and Slide:) and Mophead Aaron who use to be a foot shorter than us all, got caught on speed bumps and eats food off the floor, who went and grew up on me and celeste. good times I tell you.
Sunday I heard a powerful sermon . . .he talked about Jabez and how he prayed with faith God would bless him with his desires and prayed only for room in his life to receive the blessing he knew was coming and to not blow it when he got it. good stuff.

Add a night here to my wish list.



  1. Mademoiselle M said...:

    what would be the point of the blog if you couldn't tell all, right? I guess next time you could code name... but whatev!

  1. spchrist said...:

    I've put more than my fair share of people from my past on blast on my blog. I don't care who reads or gets pissed by what they read. I never reveal intimate details just stuff that is outrageous, sad or really funny.