Conference Crashin'

July 28, 2008
So after the hundreth person asked me if I was going to Unity (I try not to, but everytime I wanna do it my Dave Chappelle a al Rick James voice:), I decided I was goin. I bought a plane ticket a few weeks before with no hotel, no conference registration and no extra cash for either - but plenty of faith.

After a crazy flight change, and a great evening with my aunt and cousin out in the burbs, I had a ball and saw so many old faces and met some new ones. Stayed with a different buddy each night staying in fab hotels paid for by their hard-working jobs. Julee's was the best at the Swissotel, this duplex suite with dressing room lights in the bathroom that I loved. I made my rounds grabbing cards and giving out my own. Seeing the Miami Herald booth in the job fair and being a little nostalgic for the south, I stopped by. Met this fab Black woman who was managing editor and had been a judge for the Hearst Awards. Me and Jess had drinks Friday with her old and new Ebony/Jet crew and it was cool to learn about the mag. I couldnt fit my clothes with that free lunch and cornbread they serve over there everyday and got interesting staff stories. The Howard reception 
at the Johnson Publishing Building (it's 11 floors) was amazing - as we stepped into the fly 70s. Seeing all my old newspaper folks, witnessing my college mentor Courtney mack the charming Nate Parker, and calling out an old professor who gave me a 'B' when I worked harder in the class than most of my 'A' ones was a sweet memory, in one of my fav dresses. Debra Lee, Linda Johnson and others were mingling about and I was glad to be in the mix.
Saturday I spent time with Sierra and her mom on the beautiful harbor and those two are a whole post or book by themselves! Comedy:) We hit the NABJ Awards Dinner and the mag racks up, and some great journalists are awarded. I want to read all the submissions.
Sunday it was great to see Senator Obama in person and my publicist buddy made me love the city even more taking me to Wicker Park. I about lost my mind with all the crazy vintage finds and got myself a sick new dress and skirt and cool stuff for Charm Trunk. I was even more excited to see the Aldo sale store. Im still broken hearted they closed the liquidation stores on 34th and 14th here, and this one was bigger and better!
Just as Im seriously contemplating whether I should be trying to move to beautiful Chicago, the guy I split a cab with to the airport reminds me of the cold and crazy winds, which had slipped my mind.
Unity: The perfect mix of business and pleasure and the kick in the butt to keep grindin . . .


  1. shani-o said...:

    Sounds fun! I was kinda sorta feeling some type of way about not going to Unity, but then I remembered that I just don't have the love of the industry that I used to. It would've been fun to see some of my favorites, though.

  1. Elle* said...:

    I think it was sooo awesome that u went! I think I'll be a the next!

  1. sierra said...:

    I see me! Come to my house more often for some uncensored comedy. I gaurantee it!

    Love you!