Dont Be A Diva

July 5, 2008

Last Monday, with the deadline of an amazing assignment looming, I did what a NYC girl in her 20s should do, give up sleep to do the assignment a little later and attend Vibe party with Chrisette Michelle . . . right?
I didnt feel as cute with jeans on instead of my standard dress, but you gotta work what you have and with an open bar Remy and Pineapple worked just fine:) First person I spotted was my friend who's working at the mag as a music assistant which is extra cool. At Howard we always talked magazines and New York, so its motivating to see us both off to a good start. And also was great for me, since I use to have the weirdest crush on him, and to realize it had completely passed. Meeting his girlfriend made me feel like the cool young adult I wanna be.

Then I saw my girls and I couldnt be industry cute any more. Chrisette made her way through the crowd to the back. Horrible spot for a performance because it was a small lounge with no stage. They just set her up in the back of the room. No elevation so if you werent two feet away or 7 feet tall, you werent going to see . . .unless you stood on the backs of the couches against the wall, which was exactly what we did. Chrisette did two and half songs then left. Interns started yelling on the mic, if we quieted down she might come back. Its open bar and this spot is small, a lot of these folks are fans, so dont take a little chatter so personally.

The DJ starts. People start leaving. I met a cute short guy, who has since crossed himself off the list (I know you are a Taurus, but at least try and be subtle). Everyone wonders if she is coming back out to finish the set since this was promoted as a evening with her performing. Folks continue to trickle out. It's time to dance the stress away. A hour later folks still arent believing that was it and waiting for Chrisette to return, since she hasnt left the building. 30 minutes later I start chatting with a Vibe intern who recognized me at from that MPA conference. Note to self: continue to meet and keep in touch with people on all levels. She says Chrisette should be coming back.
5 minutes later another intern gets on the mic, "Everbody get out!" We all feel like freeloaders being chastised. Its time to go. I talk to Jozen, who put me on the list, and he definitely looks like a good time was had:). Then my business mind kicked in wondering whose, if anyones, check would be affected.

Chrisette, why did you do us like that? Being an R&B diva is played.


  1. shani-o said...:

    I got the impression she was actually nice. Hmph. Well, her album wasn't really that hot anyway, lol.

    I'm jealous Jozen got you the hook up. I need to holla at him.

  1. jameil1922 said...:

    wow... that's a hot mess!! i'm not a fan but i really would be tight on her after that!! ugh.

  1. Mademoiselle M said...:

    I love chrisette but she's starting to lose points

  1. Eb the Celeb said...:

    damn... her album didnt do well enough for her to be a diva... she should be the most cordial and wanting to perform at all costs... I hate when that happens...

    I wonder at one time does an artist lose that passion and hustle. When they are trying to get on they will sing in a subway to get a deal, but what turns them complacent?

  1. shara said...:

    who knew she even had an album out? LOL!