Gives me Chills

July 18, 2008

Jazmine Sullivan is definitely my latest girl crush.

 She dropped by the office recently and I felt like a grandma not knowing anything about her. I don't watch much tv outside of CNN, a VH1 reality show when I can and HBO On Demand, and I dont listen to the radio unless Im listening to Steve Harvey as I get ready for work, so this one had slipped past me, and Jess or India or any of my other regulars who send me youtube and every other kind of link during the day, hadn't put me on. 

And Im glad they didnt because it made my first listen to this singer that more special - her voie live with not a single note of music. After she waltzes in the room so humble and fly, and way prettier than her pictures, she says she will sing 'In Love With Another Man' and she goes on to break down a love she feels so deep, how can it be wrong? Every single emotion in that song came through her voice. She sang a few other songs, including her single with Missy, but I kept hearing the words of the first one - and thoughtful on a love that deep. 
Simply amazing. I listened to her singing that song dozens of times this week on my ipod. Her voice is really an instrument that whatever she sings, you swear you feel. I love my Philly singers. I know Im late, but I happily hopped on her bandwagon. Play on sister . . .play on


  1. Sass said...:

    she came by here. definitely a great musical experience. her voice is amazing. and she is way prettier in person than any of her pictures and very humble.

  1. Elle* said...:

    Yep! Jazmine Sullivan is mos def "DA TRUTH"!

  1. Anonymous said...:

    I did a post of J.S. as well, I am in love with her sultry Miss Hill type of voice, and she reminds me so much a what the stereotypical Howard woman is...JUST GLAM HEAD TO TOE AND OH SO REAL!

  1. shara said...:

    i stopped listening to the radio a couple years ago, so i don't know any of these new artists either.

    i first heard about janelle monae from your blog though. :)

  1. lilkunta said...:

    This pic aint cool.
    Lauryn, MJB, & now Jazmin...y must the phots lighen our beautiful dark skinned queens?

    & yea Jaz's voice is nice. "Need U Bad" def has a lauryn hill vibe. I read that NewArk( LH's producers ) were called on 2 work w Jz 2 make a new version of LH but they declined so Missy stepped in.