Change We Can Believe In

November 9, 2009

Change came to America on November 4, 2008.

And on the one year anniversary of president obama's election, change came for me and the majority of the web team I worked for, when we all got laid.

Was I ready for being told This Is It. Yes.

Was I ready for the way it happened? Not even.

I got up that morning and dressed in my fly girl best, in case my name was called. I knew I was making a contribution to the team, but I also read gawker, the New York Times and other outlets to know company wide, they were slicing hundreds of heads.

And in my department, things had recently been streamlined, so less workers could get things done.

We usually had a morning meeting, but were told it would start late because the number two was running behind. Walking to my cube it clicked that the "spring cleaning" of a senior person of her entire office may have been preparing for this day - and not just a routine clean.

She confirmed the news as her and her protege backed their offices and shut down, after officially being told they were laid.

I sat at my desk. An aim window popped up from one of my best work buddies.

"They let me go."

What?? How? I didnt even see her get up OR come back??

My heart pumped with a mixture of emotions. Sadness for seeing her go, peace for her bright future ahead and wonder if I would be called soon. "Don't leave me!" I wanted to type

We aimed and I talked with another coworker. Then I tried to start working.

Another window popped up.

"I'm outta here" messaged the other work homie I just was talking to.

Again, I didnt even see him get up or sit down, and in ten minutes he had gotten the news.

What is going on??

The two get up thinking they are the cut two of our crew and head off to chat. Im bummmmedd. I was prepared to be laid off, but not for the reality of working without two of my favorite people there.

I run into the office of my big sis of the office. We started at the same time and were the longest ones there of our small team.

I tell her I cant believe what is happening.

She sighs and says "Yep, today is my last day"

I reel back. "What?? I came to tell you about the other two! I didnt know you were laid off too. what is going on?" We talk. Just as I say "I better get called too." my phone rings. I run over and know its THE call. I smile and grab my notepad and pen for the green mile.

The chat is pleasent and my former boss and a company exec exclaim at how calm and bubbly I seem. Guess my peace shined through (which they could appreciated as ?I heard later everyone's chat wasnt as peacful . . .)

Back at my desk I look around and we all realize we had all been laid off. 14 out of 18 people.

And then the party begins! Everyone is packing up, as sweet potato pie and cheesecake are served. Bottles are popped and someone even breaks out their bottle of Hennessey Black for the special occassion.

I call the boyfriend, who had been laid exactly three weeks prior, that I was joining the team!

pic: That's me two years ago at the beginning of my first job journey.


  1. Sandy said...:

    Love the writing on the path to unemployment. When you wake up and realize the blip on the radar of the Univere is where you were, you know there are many more journeys to be had.

  1. Anna said...:

    Nice pic, nice smile but I am so glad that your work desk looks like mine, It means we work(ed) for our pay. For me to see a desk without papers means that you are not bringing in businesss. LOL. Post it's are a gals best freind. 14 out of 18 ppl got laid off. Wow! The last job I had let go of the only "real employee" they had. They did not know that then but a door closed on me and I found myself for the past 10 years doing somehing I would have never in my life time imagine I would be great at. One employers loss is truely another employers treasure. I love my job and want to spread my wings to expand in the future and make money for me and not the person I work for. I have learned many things at my job I am older and my idds are now grown and I need to grow up and even though opportunity is not knocking at my doorI(I do have a cushy job) I can make my own oppurtunity, and keep it moving/make it happen. My job is recession proof, and I think that I take it for granted sometimes, only because I know I can do the same job but be the owner. My daughters and family ask me all the time why I don't have my own. I think they just want another person in the family to "get a loan from". LOL. I already know they don't want to work for or with me. My biggest problem if I start my own company is that I will never find someone as dedicated as me and I honestly don't want to babysit my staff or have to work 24/7.

  1. Joyce said...:

    you're gonna be all good...because you're all talented....nice peace....nice to see you at peace...I'll keep you in my thoughts...