Date Night

November 10, 2009

Let's be real . . . the laid life still costs money.

Severance is nice and having side projects helps, but you still gotta save for a rainy day, and in the laid life the umbrella is your expense.

So that means we are all about the fun freebies!!

I went to my first opera at Carnegie Hall Saturday night - free!

So, I may have watched too many movies getting all black tie glam when some dress pants and a top would do, I saw from the crowd . . . :)

And last night me and the bf checked out a staged reading of Illmatic by our friend Shaun Neblett, coordinated by his girlfriend and fab publicist Thysha Shabazz, my plus one for the opera who was fab in sequin tights!

The play is inspired by Nas's classic album. We had a blast listening to Shaun's amazing writing and drinking wine . . . at no cost. Thysha has had me inspired to get on my indepedent consultant grind, as she runs her own PR firm from her sexy Harlem studio. It's not easy, having how much you eat depend on how hard you hustle, but it's definitely fulfilling!

After the show, we headed to the meatpacking district to grab dinner at the diner. My old editor put me on to their veggie burgers and Ive been hooked since. Unfortunately, they were so good, I went right to sleep when we got in, ending the part two of the night which was scary movie time. Tomorrow is another day.

We're not sacrificing date night because of our laid status. Just being smart and staying connected (as I type, just got a text for free mani/pedis on Lower East Side:)

Send those freebies our way!!


  1. Anna said...:

    Date night should never be compromised. I use to get embarrassed when hubby would pull out a buy one meal get one meal free or 1/2 off coupon while dining in a nice place. After all our years together I now know that he was not being cheap but being wise.
    A freebie to attend a Opera at Carangie Hall is a special blessng. Yes we do watch too many movies and think that is the protocal. I would love to go to a wine tasting event but I have a scenerio in my head of me spitting in public and I just don't like my visual. LOL.
    Enjoy all your freebies. I saw a woman buying groceries with tons of coupons. Her bill was several hundred dollars, her out of pocket bill was a dime. Yes, 10 cents. I need to learn what she does. I think of all the other things I can buy if my grocery bill is only 10 cents.

  1. Candice Frederick said...:

    you definitely still gotta have fun, you just gotta squeeze the pennies together.