Late Night Laugh

November 14, 2009

I heart Gabby Sidibie. Seeing her on Conan's couch makes me smile. She's plus, sized, chocolate, and you totally fall in love with her.

She was also the last interview I conducted at my old gig. I was laid off the day before it was to be turned in, so technically I didnt have to write it up as many of my coworkers shut down right after getting the news.

But of course I did because Precious is a story of many nameless and faceless girls around the country, and Gabby was an enigma I wanted to share, as she was just like and nothing like Precious at the same time. We laughed at her purple obsession and her living with two HOTTIES, including the guy from Precious's fantasy scenes. She giggles with Conan on her N'Sync obsession. For girls like Precious, it's great to see the glow of Gabby. Oscars better recognize . . .


  1. i agree. she's totally relatable and seemingly quite nice. you go girl!

  1. Wasn't that a fantastic interview? I was cracking up at work watching that.

    Are you OK? Are you back on your feet? What are you doing now hun?

  1. Kaybelle said...:

    I just got the latest issue of Essence and I swear it is so thin, it feels more like a circular than an actual magazine. The articles are supershort, which makes me think they've laid off a lot of staff writers or otherwise cute back. I know that they've let go a lot of their online staff -- at the same time I just read on her blog that Tia (from "Shake Your Beauty") is now their online beauty editor. Along with Valorie Burton, Tichina Arnold, and Joy Bryant, and others, this marks a long line of individual columnists online (who I'm SURE they have to compensate handsomely) . . . I'm just beginning to wonder if this might be the beginning of the end for the magazine "where black women come first" At the same time, though, I am letting my subscription lapse. I just have not been impressed with the issues over the last year or so. I have decided instead to just buy them on the newsstand whenever they interest me . . . maybe that will help them in a way . . . they'll get more money out of me for that one issue than they would for a subscription (since they're basically GIVING them away for less than $2 per issue).

    I'm not worried and I wouldn't bat an eyelash if Essence folded. That magazine has been on a steady decline for a minute and does not represent the best interests of most Black women, IMO.