How you doin?

November 18, 2009

Not so good.

I wrote this whole post on going to the Wendy Williams show and it somehow has disappeared. Ah well, the post must go on.

Thats me, my work buddy Jocelyn, left and her buddy. Minutes after we learned most of our team had been axed, she asked me to come along to the show, as she celebrated her BIG 3-0!

Bright colors, sequins, animal print and long hair were everywhere! And the set made me smile.

I actually interviewed Wendy over the summer while she was on the treadmill, to talk about her new show:)

And as her swole husband/fellow producer walked around, he gave her no nod when she thought of belting the football jersey for a show promo for Charlotte. A fellow sinched waist fan I see:) Her stylist opted for a clip in the back to tighten the look.


  1. Jocelyn said...:

    We look fabulous -- im hijacking this for my profile picture :)