August 24, 2007

I truly hate . . .
. . .when Air Conditioner water drips on me
. . .anything that robs children of their childhood

I don't like . . .
. . .not being able to travel as much as I want
. . .being away from my best friend and other buddies
. . .when people you've never seen or heard of (not talking friends of friends you've seen on mutual friend's pages or or any of my fab new friends over the summer) just shoot you an empty friend request you on facebook. I feel guilty for not accepting but I don't know you and you haven't clued me in on how you know me. Momma said don't talk to strangers;).
. .. speaking of mommas, when I'm too short with mine. Why do I have the least patience with the one who loves me the most?
. . . that I have regrets.

I like . . .
. . .doing grown women things.
. . .hosting friends over.
. . .that people actually read the blog (hey roomie;)
. . .how my makeup game is improving
. . .when a guy you didn't expect checks you out.

I love . . .
. . .pedicures, spa dates, anything that pampers
. . .magazines. (if you ever want to give me a gift, a magazine subscription will do just fine.)
. . .kids
. . . dresses!
. . .traveling
. . .the possibilities of the future
. . .laughing to my abs hurt

just my morning ramblings,


  1. Paula D. said...:

    Great list!
    .......Why do I have the least patience with the one who loves me the most? This rings so true!!!!! Why is it that way?

  1. jameil1922 said...:

    isn't the future exciting!! i think we all are least patient w/the ones who love us most b/c we know they won't stop loving us. dresses are so fun!! i rarely feel bad abt denying myspace requests. if i know them and they're under 18, denied. you don't need a 25 yo friend online. I'M 25!! WHOOO!! i digress... go play with the other children.

  1. Anonymous said...:

    Nice blog!!

  1. Shara D. said...:

    i like admiring my cuteness!! :-P