Best of times . . .

August 13, 2007

. . .So Tuesday I did go to that party with Bilal, Cheri Dennis and J.Holliday. My first industry party on that scale and YBF even blogged about it:) I told y'all I thought my mojo was on and it seems, I was right! I was wearing this new dress I got and enjoying attention from some guys with there stuff together (though it made me nervous when two guys complimented me on it making me thing the girls were having too much of a good view:). Then I headed to the bar with one of my editors after the opening act with Nicole Ray's little brother, then she comes out and they do this weird serenade to each other a al Brandy and Ray-J with her in these cowboy boots. I am enjoying being introduced to my editor/big sister's industry friends when she hugs this tall, gorgeous chocolate man named Nashawn. She then puts the spotlight on me and goes "Who is this?" Other than God I have no immediate inkling on where I should know him from so I blurt out Akon's brother (WAAYY CUTER than Akon but I had to say something:)
She then tells me he was on Desperate Houswives and Entourage - two cult addictions I never got in to and at that moment I'm hating myslef for not watching. He is giving me that eye and I'm wishing I would have kept that Akon statment to myself so I hit him with,"I am not sure were I should you know you from but you're definitely beautiful." The rest of this story is saved for my diary;)
The concert is great, I see a few folks I already know, folks I wanna know like Mona Scott, folks I wanna be like some journalists I admire and folks who I'd rather just know from afar like Ed Lover who was dissapointing as the night's host. *YBF's pics of Bilal and the rest are way better . . .
Wednesday I sat my butt on our couch again for another week of House of Payne blogging and Thursday I saw my homie Sarana. Seeing her just made me nostalgic for the care-free summer I didnt have partying every night like I did last year. But the difference is I live here now. So after seeing her I was happy to go home and wash clothes because between me and you I was getting low on undies . . .

Friday feeling a little down I walk through the door ready to crawl under the covers because I had been so cold all day with the cool weather outside. Well, as soon as I walked through the door roomie and her friends yell "You want some tequilla???" I shake my head no, start to head down the hall, then on second thought, It's Friday night!, so I join in the festivities, get a few shots and get primped to go out with them.

Like my new 'do? I really really wanted to get micros and planned on getting them over the weekend until a lady at work said it was probably best I not. With no perm I thought it wouldnt take my hair out, but I guess I'll play it safe. Is it me or is that song on Ne-Yo's album with J-Hud one of the best songs of the year??
Saturday I was bad and did a little shopping and returned my way overdue library books. I tried like two weeks ago to take them back, but the library didnt have a drop box for afterhours return - it's a conspirarcy. What library doesn't have a drop box???
Yesterday, I went to church and God forgive me but this church my friend from work invited me to had the cutest guest preacher ever up there and he was young and single, so no guilt, then I remembered he was a minister so stopped my wayward thoughts. The message was even better and I could really relate, so I might have to find his church in Brooklyn for the right reasons.
After church on 116th it would have been wrong for me no to at least see if my cousin was home at her apartment right aroung the corner on 117th, so I stopped by. In my Sunday morning rush I left my phone at home so I had to just show up and knock and hoped her BF wasnt in town. We ended up grabbing brunch at native then heading to chinatown . .to look for her wedding rings:)
It's not as bad (and cheap) as it sounds. For her boyfriend's 30th birthday she's taking him to Morocco and it's illegal their for unmarried couples to share the same room, so they are faking the funk:) She's really into it and even started getting long-sleeved linen skirts and shirts to make sure she's covered at all times. We find some rings and I am excited to hit my fave SoHo shop, Necessary Clothing. It's guilt-free as I get this cute long-sleeved dress for the fall. Now I am really trying to cut down on my spending and save, save for a rainy day! Because I have to get Sylvia to change it on her blog, I love my current gig, but it's freelance not full time, so for now insurance is on me. I have received so much love and kind messages that I didn't want to be misleading.

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Teacakes we are still going to get it together and if you're in the NY area and want to get down with our Literary Circle let me know. Next meeting coming soon.

- Queen
also, I lost all my phone numbers so please text me yours.


  1. jameil1922 said...:

    beating shani: thanks for the real post. lololololol.

    how could you ever think to say no to "You want some tequila???" girl! lolol.

    man i can't wait to flirt it up in miami in just 2 weeks and one day!! holla!!!!!!!!!! oh its about to be on! THIS IS YOUR DIARY!! SPILL IT!! or email me. i don't watch those cult classics either but i need some details!! (lmao @ akon's brother. HUH larious!!!!!!!)

  1. Elle* said...:

    Lmao @ the Akon's brother comment! haha, but I was into Desp. Housewives and know of that delish mocha hottie of whom you are referring. All I have to say is Get it, girl! NY life seems like it can't get no sweeter for you girl! Oh, I emailed u about your book! My bad for keeping it so long. I'll text you my cell # again. We must do tea or something! Btw, one of my friends works at Necessary Clothing! hehe

  1. shani-o said...:

    Lol, at Jameil, but I def second that! And yes... I know exactly who the hottie is you're talking about... he was the only reason I watched DH for a minute.

  1. Cosmopolitan said...:

    So I'm at work twiddling my thumbs trying to look busy, so I decide against updating my past over due blog hitting up yours instead. Thanks for the commentary I thoroughly enjoyed your week. That industry party sounded tres fabulous. BTW I thought I was the only person that knew about necessary clothing. Whenever I'm in a bind I always go there for that quick "ok I'll meet you in an hour dress". But anyway Just wanted to say keep up the good work I will be reading more often.