Like a Giant Tree

August 6, 2007
stepping out to the sky. We are a family . . .
yeah, you got it. I broke out my Dreamgirls dvd last week while cleaning up the tornado that hit my room after my mom came to visit. It was an interesting time and we had a lot of fun filled with two of my faves: eating and shopping. There were a few bumps in the road as one of my editors still hasn't forgiven me for not bringing my mom and aunt by when they were in the office, but seeing Color Purple again, eating some good food and not having to pay the bill and watching my mom on the train all still bring a smile to my face. I ain't going to shame my mom by telling that story;)

My mom's sister also came in town from Chicago to see her daughter, my cousin who stays on 117th. Saturday night the four of us went to the friend of one of their friends my mom hadn't seen since college but my aunt had kept in touch with. Watching them laugh and reminisce mad me nostalgic for my college friends and also excited to know at 55 we'll still be laughing at J-Rock, misspelling Oprah in the Hilltop and how we slept on Kanye at yardfest. And I admit it, I was just excited to break out this Marc Jacobs dress I got for a STEAL:).

Well, I wasted a good dress.
That crowd. I'll just say this: the next day at brunch at Amy Ruth's we all agreed my description of it as a 1995 Easter After-Party was correct . . .
Seeing my mom was good for me, though in less than 20 minutes of us being reunited I bust out in tears. She probably thought I was crazy, but I didn't realize I was stressed until I was in the company of someone I didn't have to be strong in front of. Gotta love family!
And I do, as I headed to Richmond this weekend to yet another family reunion.
This time it was my dads.
Good food. Fun reminiscing. Ten times those uncles/cousins who give you that "you sho'll have grown up nicely" look:)
I finally got bid whist down good and represented life in NY well.
Though it finally sunk in: I am officially cut off by the family.
Now when I was in DC a few weeks ago on the ride back I noticed there were no twenties in my pocket as not a one relative as slide me a dime. After four years of college I guess I got kinda use to having my palm greased a little.
And after more than one aunt and cousin alluding to the fact that I'm making some big bucks, I realized when i probably could use that money the most I had been cut off:) I ain't ballin and my ashy hands can always use a little grease. But it means more that they finally see me as an adult. be careful what you wish for:)
It was so great to see my grandmother and her brother and my shopaholic, meddlesome and meaning-well aunts. You know they hit the mall and back to school tax-free weekend sale. I almost bought the new SJP perfume Covet but after a great time at a beauty sale last week I thought not to. Like I said, my support has dried and a few sample sales are coming:). But I hated to rob this great perfume saler Sandy of her commission. Thought she was so cute in the beret.
On the ride to my cousin's yesterday who would take me to the airport my dad clued me in on some interesting family history that gave me a greater sense of the people who made all this possible. When I got back last night me and roomie hit Village Underground and always have a great time there.
Though as our former Mr. Howard perfomed and I saw a guy I went to middle school with as I was walking out, I was reminded there is no escaping the past - even if you try. That's why family is so important even if they get on that last nerve (dang, did you really have to call me out about my hair?), they help you understand where you came from because it's sho'nuff going to show up wherever you go.

sentimental (or maybe just hormonal:),

*and speaking of family I wrote our House of Payne blog this week if you happen to blog surf . . .lol


  1. Monet said...:

    You go girl!! I just wanted to say I read your profile on Steal Style and its good to see a lot of HU alumni doing big things!! I saw you around when we were students in the halls of the SOC HU. I am very proud!!

    Monet K. (HU' DEC '05)

  1. shani-o said...:

    House of Payne is incredibly painful. Or is it just me?

    And yeah... getting cash from the fam is a dead tradition. We're at the age where we're supposed to be GIVING cash out, apparently.

    Blah. Only my niece and nephew are getting a dime out of me.

  1. jameil1922 said...:

    hurray for la familia!!!!!

  1. Shara D. said...:

    damn, you mean that my family will show through everywhere i go in the future whether i realize it or not??!! DAMN!! LOL!!!

    oh, and my fam (except my mom) didn't give me money while i was at howard. they thought i was ballin' then. HA!!