Know some single guys?

August 19, 2007
ah lad-ies,

If you know any single guys in the NYC area between 25 and 45 please put us in contact. Essence is gearing up for the 30 dates in 30 days launch with 5 single women going on 6 dates with each having 6 different guys. The dates are all-expenses paid with some cute girls so let me know if you know any guys email me at cjackson@essence.com. Graci!

And I admit it, I have really been enjoying handing out fliers for this thing and approaching cute guys and blurting out "Are you single??":)

Friday I was a bump on a pickle. And no I dont know what that means but Ms Pesad use to always scream it in eigth grade.
But yesterday I was on it and for the first time felt like the me from last summer. I got up, did some serious cleaning and organization. Then had brunch with my old buddy Nicole at Harlem Tea Room. It was so good to see her. She was the photo intern last summer and is freakishly talented and such a sweetheart. Check out her stuff.
We then head to the Harlem Week street fair on 135th. I feel like I'm in Atlanta with all these black people and college booths. Since I didn't make it to Sweet Auburn fest this year this def made up. Ran into a few folks I knew then it was off to Val's Shop and Mingle around the corner.
Along the way we stopped by this little boutique Montgomery on 136th. Well, after they unceremoniously tell us to put down the italian ices we had I look through the three racks and just am not felling the love from these young black folks. Im ready to head out till I see these fierce tan peep toe booties. I am about sold and not b/c of their heavy flattery of how good they look on me, yet when I look at the box it's this brand me and Celeste graduated from at Bare Feet and they are trying to charge double what they should be. . .and as Im walking out the owner comes behind me to ask for the stocking footies I tried on the shoes with back. I didntt hide my disgust that they plan to reuse them:(
So we head to the Shop and Mingle and its FAB! I saw an event for one a while back on Facebook and me and Val became friends. She has great prices for some NICE pieces. All the dresses hanging up are Tracy Reese.
I got all tingly as she shared with Nicole her vision for her online retail business and how the two could work together with Nicole photgraphing for the site. I'm all for branding yourself!
I was good and resisted these sandals as I try and wind down the summer finds for fall. But this Kenneth Cole gold and black dress had my name ALL On it. Val's genuine compliment sealed the deal as shared how many people had tried the dress on and it just didn't work. I felt the same way as this dress that didnt work for me looked amazing on my roomie. And honestly, I wouldnt have felt right not supporting a young black woman doing her thing and was excited as Val checked out Nicole's site and was loving it. Be ye ready when opportunity comes a knocking!
So after my great dress and a great navy Barney's skirt for a STEAL from Val (so I have been schooled by all to def hit the warehouse sale going on the last day!) we head to 125th because my girl Amber was in town and didnt tell me till the last minute.
Seeing her takes me back to high school and Nicole probably saw a side of me she didnt know I had as I cackled and became the nut my high school friends know me to be.
I had a great weekend, feel so refreshed.
Though I must admit at church this morning when the preacher was saying that verse about how can you love God whom you never seen and not your brother you see every day I felt a bit conflicted. I don't have hate in my heart for anybody fortunately but there are a few folks i've fallen out with over the years.
And though all is forgiven on my part Im still not sure about that whole reconciliation thing. Baby steps. right?
. . .And speaking of steps, Im so proud of Ms Whit for starting acupuncture on the road to weight lost and finding us worthy of a blog post. I admit my body image has gone a little haywire living in NY and not working out like I was before has been frustrating (who knew Id miss Master Alpha and his dinasour feet??). Luckily I havent gained any, but after consistently losing the weight I gained last summer, I am at a standstill. So after having intentions to work out for the last months I finally found my workout calling: Hip Hop Aerobics DVDs!!
I was a bit skeptic of the instructor on the cover: blond and looking every bit like a houswife from Wisteria Lane. Well, Kimmy worked it out and I didnt even realized I had worked out till I reached to set my alarm and felt those abs:) If anybody wants to give me a gift in the next few weeks please tell em more dvds please. lol.
Seeing Amber and Nicole allowed me to check out myself and see if I've changed. I have definitely grown as I finish eating Brie and crackers with my roomie. But from this long post its clear some things never change. At dinner Saturday with Shani, Charisse and Arion I had a flash back to 5th grade when my sweater could tell you what I had for lunch . . .


  1. Mademoiselle M said...:

    lol @ the flashback to fifth grade. I swear sometimes I'm convinced that I should walk around with a bib in my purse!

  1. Elle* said...:

    Sorry we couldn't meet that day! I got ur email too late and had to go into work. I'm taking a friend of mine to the Tea Room on Wednesday! I can't wait to have more Peach tea. hehe. Oh, I absolutely must go to one of those Shop and Mingles. I've been seeing them on The Fashion Bomb for some time.

  1. jameil1922 said...:

    what's the name of the dvd? lmao @ approaching cute guys and blurting out "Are you single??" i would LOVE to join you for that expedition!! that place looks like heaven. grossed out by the other store's owner asking for the footies back.

  1. SistaSocialite said...:

    Aww man I'd LOVE to steal ur job!! lol

  1. Whitney said...:

    Charreah and Nicole!!! Together again..you guys are too cool :)