Hilary Clinton's Black Husband

August 14, 2007

You know that second when a joke just goes tooo far. Well, Hilary Clinton has definitely taken it there with her comment at the NABJ conference that she was in an interracial relationship. Check out Roland's Post on it because this has gotten out of control. Bill Clinton is NOT Black and because he plays the saxophone and cheats on his wife doesn't give him a ghetto card. It's insulting, and so convinenet with Hil feeling the heat of the Obama train to try and say, well, my husband's Black. Really? Read his post on her wack explanation for convientely having a "Black" accent when she was south.

Bill Clinton
Southern, Yes.
Black, No. And I doubt in his worst nightmare does he want to be.

Only as I get older does it sink in how hard it is to be a Black man in this country.



  1. shani-o said...:

    I never got down with that joke... and Sen. Clinton just lost some major points w/ me.

  1. Elle* said...:

    Ditto with Shani-O. What was she thinking? I can't even get mad, all I can do is shake my head at her stupidity. *sigh*

  1. jameil1922 said...:

    i love bill clinton. his wife rubs me the wrong way. if 2000 john mccain went up against current hill, he'd get my vote hands down. dropping g's definitely makes you black btw. just thought i should mention that.

  1. Hot Grrrl said...:

    hey i just read your profile on stealstyle and wanted to know know more about your experience in S. Africa. I'm going there in two weeks and was wondering what mags did you write for, what cool restaurants and spots should i visit and do i have to get shots?

    thanks! I'll be in joberg, cape town and gaborone in botswana.

    btw-- i too used to work at essence about 15 years ago while i was still in high school! best of luck and keep on keepin on!

  1. Mademoiselle M said...:

    hey i didn't know you have gone to south africa. one of my high school friends just came back from there.

    anyway, I def didn't hear about this lil comment my girl Hil made but i'm oh so disappointed in her.

    And i'm reminded everyday what life is like a black man when I look at what my boyfriend has to experience. It takes a special kind of strength to not only endure but to succeed. This is why I couldn't be more attracted to one who is determined to succeed.

  1. queen-to-be said...:

    I knew you guys would agree Shani-O and Elle. Jameil, you're right, dropping those g's . . .so guess it's the same for changing t's to d's . . .

    Hot Grrrl. . thanks for checking me out but no Mademoiselle I haven't been to South Africa . . .yet.
    I was telling Sylvia it initially was in my five year plan to go there and work for a little. Now Im not so sure. But HG I wish you could take me in your suitcase because the trip sounds fab!