The Come Up

January 3, 2008
Barack ROCKS.

Don't be afraid of your greatness. You do have to sometimes sing your praises because others may not know the tune.

I must admit overly optimistic yet queen conspiracy theorist me had gotten a bit beaten down by the political rat race. Then I got a text from the Washington Post: Barack got Iowa!!!

Please, please check out Glamour's Blog: "Glamocracy"

It's hot to see these young women blogging about things that will affect lives for years to come and also see candidates blogging. Linda Kramer, DC editor of Glamour and a fellow JAWdess manages this blog. This amazing post on Bhutto really struck me. I have been meaning to write a post on her but really want to put some time in it.

And Barack's win had me feeling optimistic about race relations in this country, or that the phrase relations will one day mean absolutely nothing. Well, last year I had a good time writing this article about Barack measuring up against the Black president you've seen in pop culture from Dave Chapelle and that yellow cake (DONTTT DROPP THAT CAKEEEE:) and Chris Rock's Head of State to all the days of Richard Pryor.


  1. Me said...:

    I'm not that optimistic. It's not lack of faith in Barack. It's lack of faith in the country.