Remembering a King

January 22, 2008

A national holiday.

An international icon.

A man.

Just one man.

The best way to celebrate King Day is to continue the legacy. After dropping me off at the airport my dad took my little sister to see Dr. Martin Luther the King (I love when older people say that:) birth house. When he stopped on country music on the radio for a second earlier and she exclaimed, "that's white people music" I knew she had lost the color blindness children often have.
Last year in newslab I pitched and wrote a story on MLK day on the angle of if women today would want to date a guy like Dr. King. Gives a whole new meaning to I'm a movement by myself . . .

I usually like Google's holiday emblems and today was no different. Loved this!!
If we continue to slide into a recession and google drops prices I'm, definitely scooping up some stock 
Remembering the dream,


  1. crystal! said...:

    love the new layout! the pic is fantastic!!!!!!!